Transient #photography #music

I was fortunate to have recently attended the Take That concert at The Liberty Stadium in Swansea.

For a while, I wondered how everyone had got there and where they had all come from.

#TakeThat #music #concert #photography

So many people who had transcended to come to one place so they could not only enjoy the music but to show the world that togetherness and freedom will never be defeated.

I wondered about the thousands of stories of the journeys of life that these people were on. How, at this moment, we were all on our own transient path that was now crisscrossing with thousands of others paths of life.

#music #TakeThat #concert #Swansea #photography

Making the most of every moment of our lives helps recharge the light within us. Never let that light go out.

#music #photography #Swansea #concert #TakeThat

And here’s a video I took of all those lights.

Written for the weekly WordPress Photography challenge which, this week, has the theme of Transient.

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