Transient #photography #music

I was fortunate to have recently attended the Take That concert at The Liberty Stadium in Swansea.

For a while, I wondered how everyone had got there and where they had all come from.

#TakeThat #music #concert #photography

So many people who had transcended to come to one place so they could not only enjoy the music but to show the world that togetherness and freedom will never be defeated.

I wondered about the thousands of stories of the journeys of life that these people were on. How, at this moment, we were all on our own transient path that was now crisscrossing with thousands of others paths of life.

#music #TakeThat #concert #Swansea #photography

Making the most of every moment of our lives helps recharge the light within us. Never let that light go out.

#music #photography #Swansea #concert #TakeThat

And here’s a video I took of all those lights.

Written for the weekly WordPress Photography challenge which, this week, has the theme of Transient.

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  1. I have personally attended so many concerts and they have all been exceedingly mesmerising. Using the attendance of individuals at a concert for the theme is a great idea.

  2. My friend went too – she caught the bus there and walked home all the way to Sketty. Thanks for your blog about the night and the photos. You made it look more exciting than her account of the night!!

  3. I’m like you. I hate crowds of people and the getting out of the parking lot at the same time is always a nightmare. But you made a statement. Brought your light into the world that says you won’t be frightened off. We all look at everything differently now. Next concert, in front of the TV. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ali. Take That had never done a concert in Wales the last time they toured, so I think the crowd were delighted that they included us this time. A great time was had by all. I even got up and did some dad dancing, but nobody is seeing that video 😀

    1. I don’t enjoy being in big crowds and we had a nightmare getting home that evening, Debby. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert even after being dragged there kicking and screaming. Will I go to another concert? Probably not, but it would depend on who is playing. 💝

  4. I love Take That! I bet that was a great concert Hugh, and I love all of the lights. It really gave me goosebumps watching your clip, so beautiful the lights and everyone singing together 🙂

    1. It was, Judy. They put on an excellent show. It was so good to see such a diverse crowd. My Bother-In-Law, who also came us, was rather concerned that he may have been the only 60+ guy in the audience. How very wrong he was. 😀

  5. Hi Hugh,
    I’m like you, I would find it difficult to attend a pop concert. I know my husband would never go. Play, classical concerts, etc. is our style. Stay home and watch a movie on Netflix is what we do most Saturday evenings. I’m getting to old to deal with the crowds.

    1. I didn’t want to go, Chuck, because I don’t particularly like huge crowds, but I’m so glad I did go. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment and music from a band I enjoy listening to.
      However, I much prefer an evening in front of the TV and being able to relax at home. The thought of how we were going to get home did cross my mind, and it was a bit of a nightmare, but it didn’t spoil the wonderful evening we all had.

  6. Both our daughters went to this, Hugh.Must admit to a shiver of trepidation but proud of them that they didn’t let recent events stop them.It’s been a shocking few weeks and I cried a lot after Manchester. But courage and love shone through and I guess we all must do and be the same. well done you for going as well. xx

    1. Exactly, Judith. We must never allow evil to change the way we live our lives. I’m so pleased to hear your daughters went along to the concert. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment and togetherness from a vast crowd of people all enjoying life.

  7. What a wonderful experience.. And yes,may all our lights shine forth ever brighter as we join our hearts together as one, no matter from where we hail from, may we all be heading for the same destination.. In love and Light.. ❤

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