51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 25: Elbow – One Day Like This

It’s hard to believe that we’re reaching the halfway point of this feature which I started back at the beginning of this year. Click here to see the very first song I featured. Talking of beginnings, my favourite part of the day is the beginning. I’ve always been a morning person and always find myself at my best then, even when looking in the mirror!

51 weeks 51 songs from the past poster

Welcome to the year 2008 and to a song that I call my morning song. I could listen to this song every morning as I open my eyes and take a peek at the new day ahead of me.

For me, ‘One Day Like This’ also brings back memories of the year 2012 when the Olympic Games came to London. I was fortunate enough to attend not only the opening ceremony but the closing one as well. Throw in a few events like athletics, swimming, and *cough, cough, men’s gymnastics, and it was a year that I took by the horns and made my year.

London 2012 Olympic Games

London 2012 Olympic Games
Celebrating at the London 2012 Olympic Games

London 2012 Olympic GamesLondon 2012 Olympic GamesLondon 2012 Olympic Games

When first released in the U.K, in June 2008, ‘One Day Like This’ entered the singles charts at number 39. It then took another 14 weeks to climb the charts to its highest position, that year, of number 35! I can’t quite get my head around that and why it took so long to climb four places. However, in 2012, the band got to play the song at the closing ceremony of the London Olympic games (with me in the crowd), and the song re-entered the U.K charts, peaking at number four (a far more and well-deserved chart position).

Do you have a favourite song that you’d love to wake up to every morning? Share a link to it in the comments section.

Thank you to everyone who left a link to a favourite song in the comments section of last week’s post, and to RuthKat, Marie, Cookies & Moo, and Barbara who all published posts about favourite songs and linked back to this feature.

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  1. Oh, my goodness!!! That is probably one of my favorite songs that I play almost everyday. My children (adults) had it running through their brains too because I played it so many times in a day. It’s on my walking playlist and I absolutely loved the official video for it. Sue @Dreamwalkers Sanctuary introduced me to another one I listen to everyday by the Piano Guys called “It’s gonna be OK” That may be where I first heard about the Elbow tune last year. I was hooked. Great photos of you guys having a wonderful time. 🙂

    1. I’ll have to check out ‘It’s gonna be OK’, cause I don’t recognise it. Glad to hear you’re a fan of my choice of song for this week. It never fails to motivate me and make me feel good when I hear it. The perfect way to wake up every morning and to carry on with the day.

    1. Oh, my! Your choice of song is a blast from the past, Teagan. I agree it’s such a happy song full of joy and life. I’d certainly add to it my morning playlist. 🌞
      Happy weekend. May it be full of hugs.

  2. I hadn’t heard this song you featured, but I sure do like it. And that vdeo…I could watch that guy spinning the sign around for a long time! … Love your Olympic photos! Awesome you got to attend. … We attended the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. It was bittersweet. We enjoyed seeing some of the track & field events. We were there on Sept. 1st, and then learned that on Sept. 5/6 there had been the mass murder/massacre terrorist attacks. So horrible. … here’s my entry for the week … http://wp.me/p3RE1e-3cx

    1. I remember hearing the news about the Munich Olympics. I was just coming to the age of realising how cruel our world could be and how cruel humans could be to each other. The London Olympics had nothing but the feeling of togetherness and celebration of life. Such a big difference.

  3. I can understand why that song would be used for the Olympics- it’s fitting! How cool that you were able to attend!!I would absolutely love to be able to see the Olympics just once. 🙂

  4. Again, you’ve chosen a song I’m not familiar with, but I did enjoy. And wow you, you went to the Olympics! So jealous! I think London put on one of the most fabulous shows for both ceremonies. I’m an Olympic addict! 🙂 ❤

    1. Yes, John was determined to get us there, Debby. I’ve never seen him use the computer so much as that day when he was after those tickets. Wonderful memories and a once in a lifetime experience. 🎈💖

  5. I don’t recall hearing the song, but glad to hear it got more play after being featured at the closing ceremonies! I LOVE the Olympics, but have never made it to one, although I have been close geographically, (LA in 1984, I lived in San Diego but was pregnant; and an easy plane flight to Salt Lake City and Vancouver areas for Winter Olympics). Your photos look great and depict some fun memories!

    1. We had a brilliant time at the London Olympics, Terri. We were so very lucky to get all those tickets, although it was my partner that did all the work on getting them. He spent a lot of time pressing the refresh button on the ticket sales site! 😀
      Fingers crossed the Olympics will come back to your part of the world. I’m sure they will give you another chance to attend.

      1. I read the may come back to LA in 2024–I’m not missing them this time. I did get to see the torch races in the various cities I’ve lived in but like you, I want to be in the middle of the action and drool over the athletes 🙂

  6. Great photos of you at the London Olympics, Hugh. I was fortunate to live in Beijing (2001 – 2015) and attend nine of the Beijing Olympic events. The ‘Beijing Welcomes You’ song was everywhere in China and stuck in my head for quite some time!

    1. What a beautiful song you’ve shared with us, Donna. Thank goodness somebody added the lyrics to the video. They, too, were beautiful. So pleased you got to attend the Olympics when they were in Beijing. I’ve never heard the song you introduced to us today. Now I’m wondering if every Olympics had a song associated with it? 🤔

  7. Hi Hugh I love that song by Elbow, I cry everytime I hear it. I was also lucky enough to attend the Para Olympics with Hubby.
    I have so many songs I would like to wake up for. Here are my too favourites. Firstly another song from 2008 for Children in Need. Take That and Greatest Day

    And From 2002 a song from Imogen Heap when she was in Fru Fru, I used to start my day with this every day when I was in hospital with a broken back.

    Thank you Hugh 💜💝

    1. That ‘Take That’ song is a favourite of mine as well, Willow. In fact, I saw them in concert last week when they were here in Swansea. I got some great photos and videos at the concert. I’ll have to publish them.
      Your second choice of song is one I’ve not heard before. The video was very cleverly done, and I liked the song as well. Thanks for introducing it to us.
      So glad you went and experienced the Para Olympics. They certainly helped keep that wonderful, lovely, peaceful, and togetherness feeling going in London that year. Sheer joy to watch.
      Thank you for sharing those memories with us. 💝

      1. It a pleasure Hugh, I am so jealous that you saw Take That even if there are any three left they are so good, they got really slated when they started but their talent shines through! 😁 Yes we could do with some of the love and togetherness now could’nt we!
        Be well and happy and do post what you have of the show, I love We are Giants.💝💜😉

        1. I actually purchased their very first single, Willow. I don’t own it anymore as somebody made me an offer for it that could not refuse. 😀 I expect it’s worth a lot more now.
          They sang ‘We Are Giants’ at the concert. However, if I had to choose a favourite then it would be ‘Shine’.

  8. Hi Hugh,
    I’m learning about new songs every week. This one is new to me. However, I did find it interesting the association of the Olympic Games and this song. I remember the opening ceremony and watching it on TV. I wonder why you would pick the swimming to watch. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the speedos. Mmmm.
    In 1968 the Olympic Games were held in Mexico City. I wanted to go and had saved my money. Well it didn’t work out. I got married that year, finished my special forces training, and then went to Vietnam. There weren’t any speedos there.
    I’m loving these blogs and look forward each week to a new one. Thank you. BTW, Annette is posting my podcast tomorrow. Check it out. HUGS

    1. What memories, Chuck. We were sat rather high-up in the gods on the day we watched the swimming. However, we had excellent seats at the men’s gymnastics. They did some eye-popping moves. Oh, I remember those days when I could bend my body like that.
      So pleased to hear you’re enjoying this series. And I’ll look out for interview. In fact, it’s already in my inbox.

  9. You were lucky to be at both the opening & closing ceremonies of the Olympics Hugh. You and John looked like you were enjoying yourselves, and it was such a spectacular Olympics that year! I have not heard of this song before but it is lovely.
    Like you, I am also a morning person and my song would have to be one that brings so many wonderful artists together, a lovely video and of course, great lyrics too!

    1. This is a lovely song, Judy. I had thought of showcasing it in this feature, but this week’s song became my choice. I love the video and always enjoy hearing it being played. If I could choose two songs for my morning, then your choice would be my second choice. 😀

  10. What wonderful memories of the Olympics Hugh.. Such a wonderful event for the UK with brilliant results and a wonderful atmosphere.. I remember sitting at home on the edge of my seat shouting for GB.. 🙂

    1. It was a magical year for me in more ways than one, Sue. Going to the Olympics was the icing on the cake. I’m so glad we took that lifetime dream and went with it. If the Olympics ever come back to the UK (and I’m sure they will), I’ll be applying again. Unless of course, I’ve gone over the rainbow. Let’s hope they have the Olympics on the other side as well. 🌈

    1. Well, that’s a very uplifting song, Elizabeth. It even got me clapping along to it. As for the Olympics – I know. I was very lucky, although it was my partner that was determined to get the tickets. I’m very pleased he did, though. 😀

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