#BloggersBash – Voting Now Closed

That’s it, folks. Voting has now closed for this year’s Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. There is no more you can do, so if you didn’t vote and your favourite blog and/or blogger missed out on winning, outright, that award by one vote, then you can expect a visit from my aunt, Miss Marple, who isn’t all that she seems.

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There may be a General Election in the U.K next week, but there’s an even bigger event on Saturday 10th June, when many bloggers, writers and authors get together for the third annual Bloggers Bash in London. This year, it’s a ticketed event so, unless you got a ticket, then you ain’t gonna be able to join us.

Click here to buy your ticket.

Click here for details of where the event is being held.

Click here for the agenda details for this year’s Bloggers Bash.

Of course, we’ll be announcing the winners of the nine awards up for grabs, as well as hosting a fun and informative day. The past two years Bloggers Bash events were a big success. Meeting your online blogging friends for that first time is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can tell you it’s one of the best feelings. Yes, I was nervous but, as bloggers, we had so much to talk about. I didn’t want either event to end. And if you’re wondering who attended the last two years events, then take a look at these videos

Hopefully, you’ll be in this year’s video and be meeting up with many of your friends from the world of blogging.

Look out for a post next week that will list all confirmed attendees for this year’s Bloggers Bash.

Don’t forget to join the bloggers bash Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, on Flipboard and use the hashtag #bloggersbash.

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32 thoughts

  1. Hi, Hugh – Thank you for sharing these great videos — they’re fantastic! I am so sorry that I am unable to attend this year’s event….hopefully next year. I do have my votes in already and will try to keep myself updated.


  2. I have got my votes in Hugh and looking forward to finding out who the winners are. I am not able to make it after all, but will be keeping tabs on you all, online, and of course will be sending hugs via Ritu 🙂


  3. I can’t believe it is almost here. To be honest, I am super nervous. And excited. But nervous. I’ve grown so used to seeing you all as thumbnail sized avatars. It will be surreal seeing (and hearing!) you all as living, breathing people.

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    1. I remember just how nervous I was at the very first Annual Bloggers Bash. Then, you get to actually come face to face with the people you’ve only ever communicated with online or on the phone. It was a magical experience and one I’ll never forget. I’m sure you’ll come away with the same feeling, Allie. See you next week.


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