51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 22: Divine – Walk Like A Man

Did you miss me? What? You didn’t know I’d been away? Well, shame on you for missing last week’s song choice from guest blogger Niki Meadows. Thank you to everyone who welcomed Niki and left comments for her on a fabulous song choice. You can check out Niki’s post by clicking here.

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This week, I’m back behind the controls of Hugh’s music time machine and am about to land you all in the year 1985. Why? Because we’re going to the wild west again and, just as in week 8, meeting up with some cowboys.

And here’s the 12-inch version

Did I say, cowboys? Yes, I did, but I forgot to mention the cowgirl and the cow…emm, well, let’s just say ‘cow-drag persona.’ I define anyone to walk in a dress like that.

Harris Glenn Millstead, better known as Divine, was not only a singer but also a movie star. He had many Hi-NRG hits during the 1980s, including ‘Walk Like A Man’ which made it to number 23 in the U.K’s singles charts. I particularly enjoyed the hint of a ‘gay’ theme he gave in the video when he walks off with that curly haired lady. However, it wasn’t only the U.K where Harris had music success because his songs were also released in the U.S.A, Switzerland, Australia and many other parts of the world, where they did reasonably well.

One of his biggest movie successes was in the 1988 movie, Hairspray, where he played the part of Edna Turnblad.

Hairspray was released in February 1988, but three weeks later news broke that Harris Glenn Millstead had passed away in his sleep. Sadly, although the star had always used his size to promote himself, it may have also been one of the contributions that ended up killing him when it was revealed that he had died of an enlarged heart. A sad end to the career of somebody who made it to the top in both the music and movies worlds.

Do you have a favourite song from somebody who was also in the movies and who is no longer with us? Share it with us in the comments.

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