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According to Prudence Pebblebottom, there was no such thing as agoraphobia. How anybody could not force themselves over the threshold of their home to go on a date or to go shopping, she had no idea. Why the word ‘agoraphobia’ was in the Oxford English Dictionary, was beyond belief.

On a home visit when Prudence’s mother, Beryl, was told by the doctor she was suffering from agoraphobia, Prudence was having none of it. The constant trying to force Beryl to go outside while pushing her into the garden was the cause of the heart attack that finally killed off Beryl. Of course, nobody knew what Prudence had done, but Prudence didn’t care about that because she now owned the house as well as the sixteen thousand, two hundred and sixty-two pounds, and eighty-two pence in her Mother’s bank account.

The house was old, and it was the constant dripping sound and leak that finally persuaded Prudence that she needed to spend some of the money on home improvements. She could then sell up, downsize to a smaller home and, with the extra money, date younger men and spoil herself on shopping sprees.

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Looking down from her bedroom window, Prudence was shocked to see the evil looking gargoyle, that was attached to the top of the house, spewing out water. It must have fallen off the house, but how on earth was the water going up past the window, instead of down? Like agoraphobia, it was not possible. There was only one thing for it; she’d have to go outside to try and make sense of it.

#writephoto #flashfiction #shortstories

On opening the back door, Prudence Pebblestone was shocked by what she saw. The sky seemed to be where the garden should be, and the garden was now above her, yet everything in the house was the right way up. Trees and flowers hung upside down and even a passing bird flew the wrong way up. A shower of raindrops went up instead of down and, upon putting her foot over the threshold of the door, there was nothing to support her.

Just like her Mother had been, Prudence Pebblebotton was now a prisoner in her own home. Even though she didn’t believe in agoraphobia, it had now not only turned her world upside-down but inside-out.

Written and as part of the #writephoto challenge from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

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