51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 20: Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Summer Holiday

Technically, it’s not summer in the northern hemisphere yet, but there’s only just over a month to go before we reach the longest day of the year and we can look forward to three months of warm sunny days. Well, maybe not 3 months and, judging by the summers we’ve had in the UK since 2007, probably more likely to be wet and cool.

So, what am I doing choosing a song about a summer holiday? Well, next week I’m off on vacation and hopefully some disco dancing, but more about that later. We’re about to land the time machine in the year 1963.

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Summer holiday is taken from the movie by the same name and was a number one hit in the UK in February 1963! Yes, I did say February. Rather odd, don’t you think, releasing a song in the UK about a summer holiday in the middle of winter? It’s almost like releasing a Christmas song in the middle of July. I don’t know what they were thinking but, nonetheless, it stayed at the number one spot for a total of three weeks. Coming up, I have two versions of the song in case the first one won’t play in your part of the world.

The song is probably the best-known tune from the movie and certainly helped Cliff with his film career. If you’ve never seen the movie, then I’d recommend giving it a quick whirl as it’s one of those movies that I consider to be ‘feel good’ viewing.

I was a bit concerned for Cliff’s safety as he waved at those children while driving that big, red, double-decker London bus, instead of keeping his eyes on the road. Still, at least he didn’t have a mobile phone in his hand, and he refused, twice, to eat that soft, damp, cheese, lettuce and pickle sandwich given to him by one of the occupants on the bus. Phew! Lucky escape there, Cliff. Maybe, I spoke too soon, though, when the bus careered off the road at 100 miles per hour? Another lucky escape there, Cliff.

Now, did I mention a summer holiday? Oh, yes. I’m off on a late spring holiday next week but fear not music fans. This feature will be back with a guest post on Tuesday 23rd May. So, please tune in for a fantastic song choice and come and say hello to my guest next week.

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