A Letter To Robert Miles

May 11th, 2017

Dear Robert,

When I heard the news of your death, I thought I may never write again. In fact, I didn’t write anything yesterday because my thought had come true. As soon as my fingers went towards the keyboard, I felt something from the keys pushing back at me.

I wanted to thank you for making me a writer. You see, on many occasions, I’ve been sat at the computer not knowing what to write. I may have had the opening paragraph or line to a short story, but my creative cogs had stopped turning. I’d walk away and make myself a cup of tea; go for a walk; read a book, or try taking a nap, but the words would not come to me. I felt a failure.

Then, one day, I downloaded your album, Dreamland, and before I knew it, your music started to turn my creative cogs again. Before I knew it, I’d written over 30 short stories while listening to the music you created. But, it didn’t stop there, because you did one of the most incredible things a human being can do to another human being; you made a dream come true.

One of my dreams, from as far back as I can remember, was to write and publish a book. However, I allowed being dyslexic to get in my way. I know, very silly of me, but dyslexia was a powerful monster and was tough to get away from. When I did finally escape, I started to write. Before I knew it, and with the help of the music you created, I put 28 of those short stories into a collection and published my first book. Listening to your music helped me tell the stories of those characters who may otherwise never have made it into print.

I probably should have written this letter and thanked you before you left this world but, like everyone else, I never seemed to have the time. That’s the trouble with today’s world, isn’t it, nobody seems to have the time anymore.

So, once again, thank you so much for creating and publishing your music, which helped me set up and publish my book. Dreamland is a brilliant piece of work you should be very proud of, especially given that it made at least one dream come true.

When I come across to where you now are, I want to shake hands with you and, if you allow me, give you a hug.

I am forever grateful to you.

Hugh W. Roberts – Author.

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