3 Steps To Creating a Perfect Under Construction Page With WordPress

Everyone needs an under construction page. Eventually. You may use one to show visitors that you’re about to publish your site soon. You may need to switch your regular site to the maintenance mode page when you’re doing fixes or updates on a larger scale. Why lose your visitors to a broken page when you can show them a professional under construction page?

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If you’re about to construct that page from scratch, yes, you will have to get hands dirty on some HTML and CSS even if you’re working with WordPress. And you will have to know a thing or two about web design, that’s for sure. Additionally, you will have to work things around WP to redirect everyone to that custom page you created. But as you might have guessed, there are already some amazing maintenance mode plugins for WordPress that can save you time.

For today’s article, we’ve chosen the best under construction page plugin for the job. It’s not surprising that the plugin carries the same name. So, let’s stop with the talk and let us show you how to create a perfect under construction page in just three steps.

Step 1: Choose a design

Instead of losing time on fiddling with different elements in order to create a design that your users will love, with Under Construction Page, you get to select themes. Professional designers prepared everything for you, so you can sit back, relax, and simply choose a theme that you like the best.

Don’t like any of the themes from the list? Don’t worry; the team at Web Factory is always working on new stuff for this plugin. You can expect new designs every fourteen days, and if you want them to hurry things up, don’t forget to tweet about it. It’s not a joke; let them know that you want new stuff by tweeting the message from the plugin’s settings!

In our opinion, the themes look amazing, and there’s one for everyone. You can display mad designers, forklift, hot air balloons, and many other cool themes from the list. We loved that the developers asked us about what new themes they should introduce (no, we haven’t got a personal mail from them, but you can vote for the themes from the plugin).

#WordPress #Blog #Maintenance

If none of the designs is good enough for you, there’s always a Custom CSS feature that allows you to customise any theme to your likings.

Step 2: Add content

After choosing a theme, you’re ready to drop in some content. Write a good title, description, and headline for your under construction page. Play around with the editor and insert images and videos to make your page stand out. This is also the place to write additional text if you want to.

An under construction page wouldn’t make much sense if users couldn’t contact you via the page. So, here you will find more than a dozen of social media profiles you can link to. Leave your email address, phone number and connect a few of the social media accounts you’re using. The plugin will do the job for you, and it will display the icons on the page.

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Step 3: Click the button

After completing the previous steps, you just need to publish your new under construction page. To do that, you just need to click the button from the settings page, or the one shown in the admin bar. After enabling the mode, your visitors will get to see the maintenance page instead of your regular site.

If you want to allow some logged in user to see the normal page, you can whitelist them through the settings. Easy as that.


This post was written by the Web Factory Ltd. If you have any questions for them, please leave them in the comments section and they’ll get back to you.

No reward(s) was/were given to me for publishing this post on my blog.

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  1. i am definitely going to take a look at this Hugh and Ivan. I hve been having some issues with my site lately and could have done with this whilst I was trying to sort out my ste not displaying properly!

    1. That’s exactly what the plugin is for – it gives you freedom to fix the issues at your own pace without your visitors having to see the problems. When you do that, you’re just a button away from having your site back online 😉

  2. Great advice which I am sure I will need when pluck up courage to make the move to self host. Also thank you Hugh for the tutorial on a flipboard icon ..I did it and I always need an idiots guide on how to and yours make it so easy for me to follow so thankyou again ..:)

    1. Once you move to self-hosted, it might be a bit more difficult to run everything on your own.. But it will be impossible to live without it once you realize the power behind it 😉
      Flipboard is amazing – I personally “discovered” it a few months ago, and it’s giving back nice results if you’re active on the site.

      1. Yes I have been on Flip board for a while now and I also have had some amazing responses to some of my posts. Self hosting I am sure it will be more difficult but also the benefits will be greater as you say 🙂 Thank you for your response 🙂

  3. Thanks Web Factory Ltd for the tips, and thanks Hugh for sharing this with us. It is a great idea to have a construction page while you’re fiddling around with how your blog looks – sometimes it takes a while to get it all right. It took me about three months before I was happy with how my blogged looked when I first started blogging. I knew a bit of HTML from school, but CSS was pretty much alien too me. I didn’t use an Under Construction page (I’m hosted on WP’s server and not another server), and had a separate private blog where I set it up to mimic my live blog – it was my dummy blog and I played with the theme on it for three months and finally got it right. In the meantime, my real blog functioned as per normal. I’m a very perfectionist kind of person…so it was very annoying for me when I was playing around with my blog theme – has to be exactly as how I imagined 😀

    1. It’s amazing to hear that you invested that amount of time in the development! Working locally or on a separate blog is a great idea and it’s always good to do so before you upload the modified version to the original one. Next time if you’re about to work on a self-hosted site, you can do the same and still install the plugin on the original site. It will help you with SEO even if you have only the under construction page for months – let people see that you’re working and let them be able to connect with you – the audience will know how to appreciate that 😉

  4. Well. I would like to reward you with a big THANK YOU for posting this. It’s prompted me to do something about an “Under Construction” page sooner rather than later. I’ve been meaning to find out about this for ages.

      1. After installing the plugin, you just have to navigate to Settings -> UnderConstruction -> Main tab and change the status 🙂 Of course, don’t forget to choose your theme and fill in a few details on the content tab.

        1. Thanks Ivan . I did it all so well that no one could access my site for hours as it was in a very colourful maintenance mode! What I hadn’t learned was that it didn’t switch itself on and off by itself! It is all sorted now. Thanks for your support.

    1. Of course! That’s why you should have the under construction page in the first place – to avoid broken links (and a broken site). Don’t you think it’s better to have a nicely designed page than to let your visitors see error messages, white screens of death or a defective design until you fix whatever caused the problems?

      For example, If I visited your site while it was broken for any reason, I’d rather see a nice page with contact information instead of the error messages 🙂

      1. It’s never good to let the enemy know what you’re doing. (Just kidding.) But I maintain my opinion, having worked professionally on the Internet and being an outrageous snob.

    1. Next time you when you’re about to do some maintenance, try the plugin. It will help you keep everything clean since changes won’t be visible until you decide to do click the button to show the site again. It can help even if you’re going offline for an hour or so.

      1. It’s a great idea! I admit I am not big on changing my site much but I had a huge theme change at the beginning of this year and as I was experimenting I’m sure there were times it looked crazy! Next time I know what to do!!!

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