3 Steps To Creating a Perfect Under Construction Page With WordPress

Everyone needs an under construction page. Eventually. You may use one to show visitors that you’re about to publish your site soon. You may need to switch your regular site to the maintenance mode page when you’re doing fixes or updates on a larger scale. Why lose your visitors to a broken page when you can show them a professional under construction page?

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If you’re about to construct that page from scratch, yes, you will have to get hands dirty on some HTML and CSS even if you’re working with WordPress. And you will have to know a thing or two about web design, that’s for sure. Additionally, you will have to work things around WP to redirect everyone to that custom page you created. But as you might have guessed, there are already some amazing maintenance mode plugins for WordPress that can save you time.

For today’s article, we’ve chosen the best under construction page plugin for the job. It’s not surprising that the plugin carries the same name. So, let’s stop with the talk and let us show you how to create a perfect under construction page in just three steps.

Step 1: Choose a design

Instead of losing time on fiddling with different elements in order to create a design that your users will love, with Under Construction Page, you get to select themes. Professional designers prepared everything for you, so you can sit back, relax, and simply choose a theme that you like the best.

Don’t like any of the themes from the list? Don’t worry; the team at Web Factory is always working on new stuff for this plugin. You can expect new designs every fourteen days, and if you want them to hurry things up, don’t forget to tweet about it. It’s not a joke; let them know that you want new stuff by tweeting the message from the plugin’s settings!

In our opinion, the themes look amazing, and there’s one for everyone. You can display mad designers, forklift, hot air balloons, and many other cool themes from the list. We loved that the developers asked us about what new themes they should introduce (no, we haven’t got a personal mail from them, but you can vote for the themes from the plugin).

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If none of the designs is good enough for you, there’s always a Custom CSS feature that allows you to customise any theme to your likings.

Step 2: Add content

After choosing a theme, you’re ready to drop in some content. Write a good title, description, and headline for your under construction page. Play around with the editor and insert images and videos to make your page stand out. This is also the place to write additional text if you want to.

An under construction page wouldn’t make much sense if users couldn’t contact you via the page. So, here you will find more than a dozen of social media profiles you can link to. Leave your email address, phone number and connect a few of the social media accounts you’re using. The plugin will do the job for you, and it will display the icons on the page.

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Step 3: Click the button

After completing the previous steps, you just need to publish your new under construction page. To do that, you just need to click the button from the settings page, or the one shown in the admin bar. After enabling the mode, your visitors will get to see the maintenance page instead of your regular site.

If you want to allow some logged in user to see the normal page, you can whitelist them through the settings. Easy as that.


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