Oil – #flashfiction

There I was minding my own business, checking out the cool animals going round and round, when I heard this conversation.

“Yes, madam, that’s the one made with coconut oil. It’s made from the finest coconuts.”

“And this one?”

“That one is made from our finest lavender oil, which we grow ourselves. It’s guaranteed to help you sleep.”

“And what about something for my itchy legs?”

“Try this baby oil, madam.”

“What’s it made from?”

That’s all a 7-month old baby could take. I screamed the place down and my mother ended up with just the coconut shampoo. Phew!


Written in response to Charli Mills 99-word flash fiction challenge with the theme of Oil.

#flashfiction challenge #writing #fiction

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59 thoughts

  1. I’m a great believer in coconut oil. It’s so soothing and pure, without any nasty chemicals. I feed my dog two teaspoons of the oil, too, each day. She has a lovely shiny coat, bright eyes, and general good health. Baby oil is designed for babies’ skin and not mothers skin, so that baby in your story knew best!


      1. Thanks so much Hugh for all your instructional! I will be reblogging your article on Flipboard next week. 🙂 I’m still learning the ropes there, like, how to find someone you want to follow. I had put your name in the search bar and it didn’t show up. I don’t know how I finally found you, lol. 🙂 xx


      2. Flipboard is a funny old beast when it comes to searching for people, Debby. I think you need to have been on it a while and posted so many magazines before it will allow you to show up in its search bar. That’s why I decided, for now, to have a link to my Flipboard page at the bottom of my recent blog posts. I’m still learning the ropes and, once I do, I’m then moving onto StumbleUpon. 😀

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      3. I’m on both. 🙂 I’ve also noticed unless you’re on Flipboard to search and add articles to our boards, there isn’t another way to share other’s posts unless they’ve actually installed the Flipboard share button. Whereas, with Stumbleupon, you can install a marker on your top tool bar so if you catch something anywhere you’d like to share you can Stumble it by clicking on the little Stumble icon we’ve installed on our tool bar. 🙂


      4. Thanks so much for that helpful link, just loaded it. And fyi my today’s post is about my experience with Flipboard so far, and many links to your post and other links. 🙂 x


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