Swansea Bay – #EarthDay

We’re very lucky to live only a five-minute walk from the beach on Swansea Bay.

#Swanseabay #Swansea #beach#Swanseabay #Swansea #beach

And here’s a short video, I shot yesterday, of Swansea Bay.

Our Earth looks after and protects us. Let’s all return the favour and look after and protect our Earth.

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  1. You are lucky indeed. It look’s like the tide is out? When I moved from San Diego (20 minutes drive to the ocean) to Sacramento (90 minutes drive to the ocean near San Francisco, I knew I would miss the beach. But I love the mountains and they are much closer now. We just moved our trailer to our campground at the delta which is 30 yards from the beach (OK it’s on the river, but we windsurf and paddle there), so it’s all good living near the water even if just on the weekends. Lovely photos and glad all worked out with Flipboard 🙂

    1. It was about 3 hours until high tide when I took the video, Terri. Somedays, the high tide covers the whole of the beach (and gives it a good clean); other days it covers about half. Somebody asked me to take a video of when the tide is high and to post it on my blog. I’m going to do another post about Swansea Bay, so expect a few more videos from me. 😀

      We do have another house which is up in the Welsh mountains, so we do get to see the best of both worlds. I love both areas, but I think Toby prefers the beach (although, he doesn’t really like the sea). As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve visited California several times and always loved my visits there. No plans to go back as yet but, if we do, then I’ll be sure to let you know. 😀

      Am loving Flipboard and spending as much time as I can on it to try and learn how it all works. I can feel a post coming on and will send something over to you so we can put something together (if that sounds OK?). In just two days, I’ve way more referrals from Flipboard than I’ve ever had from Pinterest! But that’s probably down to not really knowing how Pinterest really works.

      1. You do have the best of both worlds! I like Flipboard because it is mostly simple. I’ve had a lot more followers referrals in the last couple of day probably due to your post. Yeah, Pinterest has never done much for me. I pinned a photo of a wall design two years ago when we were adding onto our master bedroom for ideas, and it got over 10,000 pins (It wasn’t even my image and nothing to do with my blog)–I found it mostly annoying, LOL! Between you and I, I think we can a Flipboard boom going. I will take a look deeper into Flipboard. I know Janice Wald (Mostly Blogging) did a great post on it a while back, and that’s how I found out about it! We’ll talk soon 🙂

  2. Thank you for your video Hugh. I live by the sea too and I agree that a daily walk along the beach is a tonic for mind and body. ( for both two and four legged creatures). The very best medicine. Have a great day.

      1. Ah, bless! We I know we all wish we could, too! It would probably take us all an extra long time to see it, since as you said we’d have non-stop chatter but it sure would be great fun! Cher xo

  3. What a great idea to add a video to your post Hugh. It also gave me the opportunity to hear your ‘real’ voice 😊. Lovely sentiments you shared about Earth, she certainly deserves our love. Off to read you post about adding flip board buttons now. Thanks 👋

    1. Thanks, Deb. It was a last minute thought to add a video. I wanted you all to hear the sounds I could hear.
      Hope you managed OK with creating a Flipboard sharing button? I’ve had lots of traffic to my blog from Flipboard over the weekend. Far more than I’ve ever had from Pinterest. 😀

        1. Thanks Hugh, I hadn’t finished typing my reply and suddenly it was posted!! I was going to say that Pinterest has been working for me lately but I have been putting a lot of effort into it. Flipboard doesn’t appear on my radar just yet but StumbleUpon is making huge numbers. I really don’t know how it works but I just keep sharing things on it, not very hard to do but it is an enigma. So many platforms! Thanks for the offer of help 🙂

        2. StumbleUpon is my biggest provider of blog traffic, Deb. They updated it last year and, unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as friendly as the older version. However, I still ‘Stumble’ and I’m still seeing the numbers.
          I hope you’ll reveal your secrets of Pinterest with us? I’ve given it a lot of time and followed a lot of advice on how to make it work, but traffic only trickles in from it. I must be doing something wrong, but have no idea what it is. 🙄 Social media does take up a lot of time. I’ve deleted LinkedIn and started Flipboard, but am very much still learning about Flipboard.

  4. Gorgeous view, Hugh! I am a beach and water girl and that’s where I’m going tomorrow. It’s going to rain but I don’t care. I worry constantly about our oceans!

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