On The Horizon #photography #haiku

I’ve had ‘haiku block’ for months. Then, all of a sudden, thanks to Esther Newton…

#haiku #poetry #photography

On the horizon

Where land collides with the sky

The end of the world

You can read the almost identical original haiku I wrote for Esther’s Monday Motivation challenge, over on her blog.

The photo was taken from a window of a hotel in mid-Wales. We arrived late, so when I drew back the curtains the following morning, what a pleasant surprise I got.

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  1. Nice photo and haiku too! The views from hotel windows & campsites are always an important part of our family travels (the surprise when we get there and the relaxing (or not) into it). It can make or break a visit 😉

  2. Lovely haiku, Hugh. The end of the world? Maybe one day Earth will implode or just vanish *poof* into thin air. Or, you can think of it another way: that every day the world ends by ending a chapter and tomorrow is a new day. It is like how that dark view turned out to be something very beautiful to look at. What a treat to wake up to it. Hope it was an enjoyable time there mid-Wales and you got to see the sights – and it was sunny while you were there 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mabel. Given the current state of the world, I do hope it will be a very long time before ‘the end of the world.’ What I like about my haiku is how people have translated it. When I first wrote it, I had the word ‘edge’ rather than ‘end’ and then thought that ‘end’ would get a lot more people thinking about what I actually meant. I love the fact that my words can be looked at in different ways.

      Yes, we had a very enjoyable time, and the weather was very kind to us. 🌞

      1. Ahhh. Very clever of you to go with ‘end’. An ending is always a beginning, and edge, it sounds like you have just done the bare minimum when it comes to challenging yourself 😀 There is a lot going on in the world of late…the world’s still turning, let see where it’s headed next.

  3. Hi Hugh,
    I’m showing my ignorance. I had to look up what a Haiku was. Mmm…and I lived in Japan for several years. Now I’m even more impressed with your writing. Hugs.

    1. Yes, it’s a question that many have recently been asking themselves. I’ve been and got a bottle of something very good to drink for when that time comes (if it arrives before my ‘sell by’ date actually comes up). 😀

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