From The World Of #Blogging – Edition 5

Another packed edition of ‘From The World Of Blogging’ which I hope will have something for everyone. Sit back and enjoy some of these blogging gems I’ve discovered.

From The World Of Blogging

Featured Blog Post

Thanks to Chuck Jackson for sharing a ‘must read’ post from Scotties Toy Box. ‘The Way We Treat Others Matters’ is a beautiful story that will make you think about your actions towards other people. If the ending doesn’t make you take in a deep intake of breath, then you probably are already being kind and considerate to every human being you meet. Click here and get ready for a read you will not forget for a very long time.

Blogging Tips Featured Post

Can you imagine what you would feel like if you found out that a national newspaper, TV or radio station, movie producer, or publisher had been trying to contact you (because they wanted to give you and your blog/book a huge promotion or make something you have written into a TV/radio show or movie) and they were not able to contact you? Sue Vincent wrote an excellent post reminding all blogger’s to add a contact page to their blog. Click here for all the details and ensure people can contact you easily.

How On Earth Do I Do That?

If you’re looking for one place where you can find the answers to over 300 ‘How do I do that?” articles on blogging, writing, self-publishing, social media and the internet, then look no further than the blog of Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape’s Blog. Yes, I write the odd blogging tips post, but Chris has put a huge ‘How To’ list together which is a treasure trove every blogger and writer should visit. Click here for all the details.

Are You Ready For Your Bloggers Bash Trip To London?

The third annual Bloggers Bash is just over a mere two months away. Last year, over 50 bloggers met in London and had a wonderful day meeting and networking with their online blogging friends and meeting many new bloggers for the first time. This year, you will need a ticket to attend the event as we are only able to get a limited number of people into the venue. Full details can be found on the creator and owner of the Bloggers Bash title, Sacha Black’s blog. Click here for full details and to buy your ticket. There’s also a blogging event taking place in Chicago, in the U.S.A, in August. Full details can be found here.

Raise Your Glasses

Congratulations to Annette Rochelle Aben and Robbie Cheadle who have both recently published new books. Annette’s book, A Haiku Perspective 2017, is bursting full of haikus that she wrote in 2016. Click here for the details. Meanwhile, Robbie’s book, Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Dough Bees Story and Cookbook, combines fiction with recipes for everyone. Can you help Sir Chocolate find the fruit drop fairies and help save the starving fondant bees? Click here for all the details.

Author, Graeme Cumming, has also announced that his book, Ravens Gathering, is finally available as a paperback. Click here for full details.

Thank You

Finally, thank you to Aurora Jean Alexander for inviting me over to her Author Spotlight series on her blog. Click here to read the interview. And a big thank you to Phil Taylor for showcasing me and my book, Glimpses, over on his blog. Click here to read Phil’s post.

Look out for the next edition of ‘From The World Of Blogging’ coming to a screen near you, soon.

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  1. This is a great post again, Hugh! It makes me miss my weekly reviews. It was such a great way to gather the community and share the highlights of the week or just some great news!

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