Glimpses Competition – Winners And Answers

Thank you to everyone who entered the Glimpses competition.


Before I announce the winners, let’s have a look at the two questions which all competitors had to answer.

Question: In the story ‘The Easter Bunny’ what is the name of the toymaker of the soft toy Denise decides to buy for her daughter?

Answer: Thysanuran By Be Deet

Question: What is the toymaker’s name an anagram of?

Answer: Death By Easter Bunny

Unfortunately, nobody got both questions correct, although there were many entries that either got the name of the toymaker or the anagram correct.

Because there was no outright winner, I have converted the first prize of a £100 Amazon gift card to a £100 charity donation to The Dogs Trust.

Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust is a charity which has featured on my blog before and to which I donated £250  after my Christmas Tree Topper Competition.

As a consolation prize, each of the following five participants have all won a £20 Amazon gift card for being the closest to getting the two questions correct and for completing the tiebreaker which was also part of the competition. All have received their prize.

Christian Donovan – Narbeth, Pembrokeshire, U.K

Tiebreaker: I enjoy reading short stories because – most are like cocktails: can be downed in one gulp with a satisfying strong twist.

Chris Hunt – Onchan, Isle Of Man, U.K

Tiebreaker: I enjoy reading short stories because – That intriguing first line; manipulation of my mind; voyeurism, compassion, tension; it’s all there.

Debby Gies – Toronto, Canada

Tiebreaker: I enjoy reading short stories because – they transport me to a different place and time through mere words and imagination.

Ritu Bhathal – Gravesend, Kent, U.K

Tiebreaker: I enjoy reading short stories because – a bite-size morsel is enough to satisfy this hungry literary appetite of mine!

Ellen Best – Ilminster, Somerset, U.K

Tiebreaker: I enjoy reading short stories because – I can devour them with satisfaction, one bite at a time; like a sandwich.

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