51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 12: Geri Halliwell – Look At Me

Last week, we stopped off at my favourite year, 1986, to watch a multi award winning video. This week, I need to get back to 2017 so I can check I didn’t leave the steam iron on! But first, we’re going to make a brief stop in 1999 to meet an icon of mine.

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Many know Geri Halliwell from the British pop group, The Spice Girls. Some say she was the glue that held the group together. I cried tears of joy sadness when Geri announced she was leaving The Spice Girls, but that was short lived with her first solo single. Take it away, Geri…

Here’s another version of the song, as I understand the video won’t play in some countries.

Peaking at number one in New Zealand, number two in Spain and the U.K, and at number three in Italy, Canada, and Austrailia, Geri certainly came back to the world of pop with a bang. What I loved about the video is that filmed in black and white, she was showing the world that there was still a musical career ahead of her after the huge success of belonging to one of the best known all-female pop groups in history. However, that could have been so very shortlived.

If ever there was a new diva on the pop scene (move over Shirley Bassey and Hazell Dean), then Geri Halliwell was it. However, she was very disappointed that ‘Look at Me’ failed to reach the number one spot in the U.K and almost gave up on continuing her singing career (phew! that was a close call). Failing to reach the number one spot, by a mere 700 copies in the U.K, Geri was not to be disappointed and was to bravely march on to claim the number one spot with her next single.

Geri has the looky-likey looks of a certain blogger who visits Hughs Views And News every now and again. Can you guess who?

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