Honeymoon #flashfiction

Charli Mills runs a 99-word flash fiction challenge every week. Although I’ve only participated in the challenge once, the story I wrote, The Library, was expanded and become the 28th and final story in Glimpses.

Charli Mills 99-word Flash Fiction challenge
Credit: Charli Mills

This week, Charli challenges us to write a 99-word (no more, no less) piece of flash fiction centred around the word ‘Honeymoon.’

Honeymoon – by Hugh W. Roberts

Sylvia looked at her new husband. She was so lucky to have found him. When he had told her that he’d do anything for her, she knew he would never go back on his word.

Showing off her long legs on the night of their honeymoon, she could tell that Marty was eager to get started.

“You love my legs, don’t you?”

Marty moved closer and, with little effort, mounted her.

Three minutes later, Marty was dead and Sylvia was already working at cocooning his hairy body. Life as a female spider meant women were always the superior species.

Come on over and join all the other writers who participate in this flash fiction challenge every week.

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96 thoughts

  1. Ha! Those long legs were made for swaddling her dead mate! That’s a quick end to the honeymoon, but I suppose she’ll be satisfied a while longer. Thanks for joining us this week, Hugh!


      1. That would be another story.
        Imagine a society where no one knows their father and where the male members just vanish. And you have an institutionalised cult that propagates and preserves the myth that marriage elevates the men into some kind of Nirvana of eternal felicity, that it’s the most desirable thing in the world.
        You got some gears spinning in my head there 🙂


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