51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 10: Whigfield – Saturday Night

Hands up, all those that love Saturday nights. I guess many of you put your hand up and why not when, for many, it’s the time of the week we can unwind and relax.

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We’re leapfrogging from the previous two week’s stop in the 1970s and stopping off in 1994 to hear another song that features the piano, this time, there’s not a stuffed pigeon in sight!

Although ‘Saturday Night’, by Danish pop star Whigfield, was first released in Spain in 1993, it was rereleased all over Europe and other parts of the world in 1994. At the time, I don’t think I’d ever seen a pop star perform a whole song wearing just a bath towel! But, one thing Whigfield managed to do was to transform that Saturday night feeling of getting ready for a good Saturday night out. Like Whigfield, in the video, how many of you have sung at the end of a hairdryer or hairbrush? Yep, I’ll put my hand up to that!

It was no wonder the song became a massive hit, becoming the first single by a debut artist to enter the U.K charts at number one. In fact, it dethroned a song that had been sitting at the number one spot for the previous 15 weeks despite that song increasing its sales from the previous week.

The song also charted at number one in another seven countries including Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Canada. In the U.S.A, it managed to sneak into the top 20, peaking at number 19.

What song did you always listen to when getting ready for a Saturday night out?

Thank you to everyone who left a link to a favourite song in the comments section of last week’s post. And a big thank you to Ruth, Marie, Judy, Graeme, and Kat who all joined in with publishing a blog post of a favourite song.

This week, I’m also linking this post to Ritu’s Musical March challenge.

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