From The World Of Blogging – Edition 4

Lots to report in this edition of ‘From The World Of Blogging’, so grab yourself a drink, sit back, and enjoy these bits of blogging gems everybody should read.

From The World Of Blogging

Featured Blog Post

I’m a huge fan of watching television, and there have recently been some brilliant television dramas which have grabbed my attention. One such series, which I wrote about last year, was ‘The Living And The Dead’. But, it wasn’t only the acting that made this show work for me. No, most importantly it was the writing. Author, Lisa Shambrook recently published a post asking why television writers rarely get a mention or the recognition they deserve. Viewers often give credit to the actors and directors, but how often have you heard anybody give credit to the writers of those shows these actors and directors would not otherwise have become well-known for? You can read Lisa’s post, Television Writers Who Inspire And Enchant Us, by clicking here, and if you want to add your own thoughts then, like me, leave her a comment.

Blogging Tips Featured Post 

One of the first big blog names I came across when I started my blog, was Suzie Speaks. I’ve followed many of Suzie’s blogging tips and got the results she said I’d get. What Suzie doesn’t know about blogging is nobodies business and, despite Suzie announcing last year that she’d said all she could say about blogging tips, I was delighted when she recently published a new blogging tips post! ‘How To Simplify and Authentically Grow Your Blog Without Spending Money’ is packed full of information on how to grow your blog without spending a single penny. This is a post no blogger should pass by. Check out the full details by clicking here.

Is Your Blog As Safe As You Think It Is?

I’ve written and published my own post on this subject but, courtesy of Chris, The Story Reading Ape’s Blog, here are five simple tips, from Joel Friedlander and Nate Hoffelder (who build websites for WordPress), that every blogger should be carrying out to ensure their blog is safe and secure from the current widespread attack on vulnerable WordPress sites. Bloggers who take the self-hosting option should also take note of what Joel and Nate have to say, as your blogs are just as vulnerable to attacks. Read the full details by clicking here.

Questions And Answers

Last month, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by blogging expert, Marsha Ingrao. One of Marsha’s blogging tips posts featured in edition 2 of ‘From The World Of Blogging’. I was delighted when Marsha contacted me at my Glimpses Pre-launch blogging party in November 2016 and asked me if I’d like to do an interview. She asked me lots of questions about me, my writing and why I wrote the stories for Glimpses. Click here to read the interview if you missed it first time round.

More Hugh Hugs

Thank you to everyone that has left a review for ‘Glimpses‘ on Amazon and Goodreads. Special ‘Hugh Hugs’ to Ritu and Geoff for publishing blog posts that featured their reviews for ‘Glimpses’ which is now available for just 99p on Kindle.

That’s it for this edition of ‘From The World Of Blogging.’ See you soon for edition 5.

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