Looking Down At Things #photography

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should include your own photography on your blog, then my advice is to give it a go.

Sunbathers around the pool

Ever since I participated in my very first photography challenge on WordPress, I’ve gone and got myself hooked on the art of taking photos.

All my photography is taken using an iPhone 6. I’ve been amazed by some of the results, and so, it seems, have many of you.

Toby in the snow

My photography posts pull in lots of traffic to my blog, and there are lots of photography challenges to participate in.

Looking down at Corfe Castle

The above photos are for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge which has the subject of looking down at things.

Why not join me and give it a go?

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  1. I love making the photos for my blog. It’s taken me awhile to learn how to use them but it’s essential to the creative process.You clearly have an eye for composition. I love perspective of that landscape.

  2. I love taking photos and use all my own on my blog. (Unless I’m writing about a company and link to their logo.) Anyway, great shots. I also love looking down, and up, and getting different perspectives. 🙂

  3. I’m impressed you only use an iPhone for it. If I had some time I would participate, I might if I catch one in time and it’s one of those weeks where I get five 😀

    1. I participate as and when I can. There are lots of photography challenges out there and participating in them does bring visitors to my blog. I did also run my own photography challenge, but it was very time-consuming.

  4. Hi Hugh! Great pictures. The third one is amazing. You nailed the challenge. I’ve been into photography since I turned 12 and my father gifted me my first camera. However, in the last couple of years I haven’t taken any pictures with my camera. I used to go out and take beautiful pictures of people, places, nature, animals . . . it’s been a while and I miss it. Your post has inspired me to take time for photography again. Thank you! 🙂 xx

    1. That’s great to hear, Vashti. I hope you’ll regain the photography bug. I only use my own photos on my blog posts. That way, I know I’m not going to get into any trouble for any copyright infringes. I hope you’ll showcase some of your photography on your blog?

  5. You would be very welcome at our camera club because we aim to be a social club first for anyone interested in photography and one of our chaps has won competitions using only his smart phone. I only use my phone or compact camera, I don’t ‘do ‘ technical! In the dozen years we’ve been going it has changed from 50% digital to all digi and phones now are better than lots of cameras.Glad you liked my pictures, I love Tate Modern and the new extension is a great view point all for free. We’re just back from Lincoln so that will be my next blog.

    1. That’s great to hear about smartphones being used and that photos taken on them are winning competitions. It certainly encourages me to take even more photos using my iPhone. I’ve always been very impressed with the quality of the photos I get. Plus, of course, they are easy to carry around, although getting a call just as I’m going to take a photo can be rather annoying.

  6. A big yes to photos. I hadn’t used my camera for about three years while I was busy getting stuck into writing, but when I started a website ( Before I realised that everyone else was on WordPress ) I found myself with templates that could be filled with pictures as well as writing. You’re welcome to visit to see my Beachwriter’s Blog. I do go to a camera club; I sell the rafffle tickets! We all love Corfe Castle; endless opportunities to try for that perfect picture, sunrise, sunset, mist etc….

    1. And you’ve some beautiful photography. I loved the ones of London and the South Bank. I’ve not thought about joining a photography club, but I don’t think to turn up with just iPhone as a camera would look too good. Would it? 🤔

  7. I see…a lot of lovely men in the first photo. But I don’t think they are for me 😂 My photography doesn’t seem to pull in trafficon my blog. Then again, my blog is is a writing blog and I’m happy with that. Enjoy your warmer seasons ahead, Hugh 😊

    1. I think you have to enter a lot of photography challenges for it to work best, Mabel. Plus, I think you also need to do the occasional post which is just about the photography (like this post). However, so long as you are happy with the results, then I say ‘go for it’. Your blog posts certainly always bring in lots of comments, so you’re doing it the right way. Right from the start of my blogging path, I was told to go with what I liked doing the best. If we do that, then I think it’s a win-win situation. Keep on taking those beautiful photos because they certainly add to the wonderful posts you write.

      1. Photography challenges have always tempted me…but writing will always be my first calling. I agree that if we do what makes us happy and it’s fun, that will radiate all round. You keep doing the blog the way you do, too. Love the variety you got here and your ability to engage an audience on so many levels.

    1. True. Thank goodness we can delete them. Those days of getting developed photos back and finding a few that had a finger over the lens or photos of objects we had no idea of what they were, were both funny and frustrating.

      1. Oh my God, thinking of those times… lol. But we did not know anything else and so it was normal. Also we thought a lot before we took a picture and we did it much more consciously. But I don’t want to go back there anyway… haha!

      1. Just follow the instructions in the challenge post. It will give you a theme and how to submit your entry. If you click on the link in this post, it will take you to Cee’s blog, who hosted this particular challenge. I’d recommend you follow her blog, as she publishes lots of photography challenges on a weekly basis.

  8. I agree, Hugh (well, I would wouldn’t I ;-D ) It’s so much fun and I really enjoy looking at everyone’s photos. You got some great shots here 🙂 Where is the last one?

    1. Thanks, Olga. That’s Toby, our Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He’s featured a few times on the blog. The last photo is the view I got when looking down on the village of Corfe Castle, from its castle. We spent a lovely day there a few years ago when we were touring Dorset in the Southern part of the UK.

  9. An interesting challenge, Hugh. I love scrolling through photos on different blogs even though I don’t take photos myself much. I love the view of the village! And the dog is pretty cute too 🙂

    1. Thanks, Diana. I’ve got so many stories out of looking at photos.
      The dog is Toby, our Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He loves the snow. And the town is called Corfe Castle, which is in Dorset, in the southern part of the UK.

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