Against The Odds #photography

Against the odds, I managed to eat all of this.

Cakes - An Iced Slice

Known as an iced slice, icing sugar (mixed with a little water) sits on top of some flaky pastry, which sits on top of a custard filling, which sits on top of some more flaky pastry.

Against the odds, I also managed to eat all of this cupcake, but not on the same day as I ate the iced slice! This one was homebaked by my niece. There were seven others and, against the odds, I didn’t eat all of them…at the same time.

A cupcake

Against the odds, I never ate this or any of the cakes around it.

A nice looking cake

No, against the odds, I passed on this little treasure after taking a photograph of it.

Sometimes, against the odds can work both ways.

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