Against The Odds #photography

Against the odds, I managed to eat all of this.

Cakes - An Iced Slice

Known as an iced slice, icing sugar (mixed with a little water) sits on top of some flaky pastry, which sits on top of a custard filling, which sits on top of some more flaky pastry.

Against the odds, I also managed to eat all of this cupcake, but not on the same day as I ate the iced slice! This one was homebaked by my niece. There were seven others and, against the odds, I didn’t eat all of them…at the same time.

A cupcake

Against the odds, I never ate this or any of the cakes around it.

A nice looking cake

No, against the odds, I passed on this little treasure after taking a photograph of it.

Sometimes, against the odds can work both ways.

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  1. I’m glad you clarified that you didn’t eat both those cakes at the same time Hugh…I feel full just thinking of it! Love your take on the challenge, great close ups. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to put the kettle on and find something sweet to go with it… 😉 xxx

    1. Oooh, I’ll be over in a second if you’re putting the kettle on and something sweet is on the menu, Sherri. 🍩 ☕️
      Thank you. I never expected the photos to come out as well as they did. These iPhones are great for their photography.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm I love cakes for breakfast. I can get away with this when on holiday in Europe as it is normal for them.
    Here in the Uk we have come on leaps and bounds with our bakeries and home made cakes. Afternoon tea is an institution. What better way to spend the afternoon?

  3. Omg, I should’ve read this when it was still early enough to run out to the bakery! I don’t dare scroll up and look at the photos again. Oops, gotta go ~ drooling on the keyboard 🙂

  4. Your iced slice looks like what we call a milles-feuilles over here. I haven’t had one since I left Quebec, but you don’t forget that kind of delicious. Thanks for the picture and the memory. Good thing digital pastry isn’t fattening 🙂

    1. Thanks, Aimer. I’m sure we have milles-feuilles over here in the UK as well, but they tend to be about double of the cost of an iced slice. The cake is also known as a custard slice, and there’s even a vanilla slice version (I’m not so keen on the taste of that one, though).

  5. Ha ha Hugh, come to South Africa and I will give you a cake you can’t eat alone against any odds. My Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain cake is made from 5 separate double cake mixtures. It is completely delicious.

  6. Groan… you’re killing me Hugh. (Drools) Cake is definitely good for lunch. Or it would be except for my very, very bad egg allergy… But virtual cake is fine! Have a marvelous Monday. Mega hugs!

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