Flame #writephoto

Is planet Earth really dead?

Then, press the play button below to hear a frightening cry for help.

Recorded in response to #writephoto – ‘Flame’ at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.

© 2017 Copyright-All rights reserved-hughsviewsandnews.com.

40 thoughts on “Flame #writephoto

    1. Thanks again, Vashti. I need to take some more acting lessons to really get those feelings over in the stories I am reading. This one is the second of three. I hope you get to hear the third one as it’s where I really applied some of those acting lessons. 😀

      1. Good weird – your voice is v good – you should do audio books. There was this desperation to your voice (urging them to come back) and it made me feel weird lol! You must have done acting!

        1. Thanks, Lucy. The only acting I’ve ever done was as ‘The Mad Hatter’ in a school play. 😀 And that was a very long time ago. 😂
          I know you’ve done some audio, so I’ll be asking for some tips from you when I next see you.

  1. interesting take Hugh; if I may I’d suggest you need a bit more desperation in your tone given the context – the essential nice Welsh chap still shines through rather. But the script is chilling; you’ve nailed that..

    1. I certainly need some acting lessons, Geoff. 😀 I’m not working to a script. If I did, I’d up stuttering or getting the words mixed up 😀 I just sit down, press record, and let it all come out. This is all very experimental at the moment, but we’ll see where it goes.

    1. Thanks, Ritu. Some people haven’t been able to play the messages. I’ve been using Quicktime Player on my computer to do the recordings, but I think I need to look into recording audio more closely. Great idea, though. I know you’ve done it before as well.

        1. You can record once you have an account yes. It’s free up to a certain amount of storage. I use my phone and the sound cloud app to record but if you have the headphones and mic setup on a desktop you can record that way too xx

        2. Great, thanks, Ritu. One last question – do you know if posts with audio in them that have been recorded on SoundCloud are easy to be reblogged? Sue said she’s not able to find a way to reblog my post that includes the audio recording.

        3. Hmmm mm. I’m not sure… I don’t know if anyone every reblogged any of mine… did you reblog the we are blogily recording at all?

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