Why, As A Blogger, You Should Never Ignore Your Shadow #photography

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped blogging? Read on, and I’ll reveal everything I’ve found out so far.

Let’s start with shadows. They look innocent enough, don’t they? They are connected to us, follow us everywhere and don’t trouble us. There’s not a moment when your shadow is not connected to you and isn’t watching your every move. But, do you know where your shadow lives?

Shadow of Hugh and a tree

I recently found out the answer. While taking a photograph for this week’s WordPress photo challenge (that by coincidence had the theme of shadow), it occurred to me that the subject I was focusing on was connecting to my eyes. In turn, my eyes were connecting to my brain, which was connecting to the finger which was connecting to my iPhone that I was taking the photo with. Phew! A lot of connections there. It was a sunny day, and I noticed that, as usual, my shadow was connected to me. But, back to the question – where does your shadow live?

Shadow of me bathed in orange light

I hope you’re ready for this because it’s an exclusive and the scoop of the century. Shadows live in keyboards. Yes, that object we connect our fingers to almost on a daily basis. Not only that but shadows need feeding, and it’s the typing we do when connected to our keyboards that feed our shadows. Fail to type and feed your shadow and, as a blogger, things can turn very nasty.

But, what can go wrong if we stop leaving comments on blog posts, answering comments or typing up blog posts? ‘The WordPress spam monster,’ that’s what can happen. I’ve been captured twice by the WordPress spam monster because I wasn’t feeding my shadow enough. It was too late for me to start leaving comments on the blog posts of other bloggers because I’d already been captured and the spam monster was eating up my comments faster than I can consume fifteen packets of Jammy Dodgers and five Cadbury’s creme eggs which have been melted in the microwave and covered in vanilla ice-cream.

Shadows on a bridge

Don’t just take my word for it. It’s happened to other bloggers like Debby, Marje, and Willow. They’ve all, at some time, been captured by the WordPress spam monster and now feed their shadows on a daily basis.

So, to avoid upsetting your shadow, ensure you respond to comments left on your blogs posts; connect to other bloggers as often as you can by reading their posts and leaving them comments, and watch those connections grow which, in turn, will keep your shadow happy.

Do it today; connect with at least one other blogger and, who knows, watch that connection grow along with your blog.

Shadows of my desk

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98 thoughts

  1. I love the next to the last photo, particularly. I’m linking this post to your interview post. The pictures loaded really slowly. I’ve been struggling with that same problem on my blog, and just figured out how to fix it. Do you use Photoshop? It’s pretty easy to fix, but a little tedious.


      1. I don’t know other programs very well, but I just learned this tip in Photoshop. Send me your photos and I’ll optimize them for you. (Just the ones on the shadow post!) Otherwise I’ll be here all day! I still have to do mine! 🙂

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  2. I am sorry to hear you’ve been gobbled up by Worpress’ spam folders. It must be annoying. That happened to me too sometime back. I was actively commenting on blogs and responding to comments on my blogs, and then one day I realised comments I’ve was leaving on blogs when I hit “reply” just vanished into thing air. I contacted the bloggers individually and they found mine comments in their Spam folder. I wrote to WordPress about this, and they found it hard to solve the issue. They kept encouraging me to contact the bloggers individually to unspam my comments in hope the algorithms wouldn’t see me as a threat. It was frustrating but luckily after a few weeks everything was back to normal for me.

    I like how you allude to the fact that shadows are everywhere. They are an extension of ourselves…or of those or the objects around us. They can creep up on us when we least expect it.


    1. It’s happened to me twice now, Mabel. However, this time the WordPress engineers seemed to sort out the problem quickly. I can’t find out why it keeps happening and they don’t seem to have any answers. Needless to say, that I check my WordPress spam folder at least once a day. I often have to save bloggers from there.

      I never really thought much about shadows before but, from the comments, many people see them as quite sinister. I feel quite sorry for the shadows. I’m sure they are there for a very good reason.


      1. It is annoying and hopefully it does not happen a third time for you. My spam folder hasn’t ever taken a liking to you, and hope it stays that way. It could be completely random, but good to hear the WP engineers are quick to help you. Good luck 😊

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  3. I haven’t been caught by the spam monster, or at least I don’t think so. But this week I was caught by the email monster. And that wasn’t all of it! I wasn’t getting notifications of blog posts and when I checked my reader, all notifications were turned off! I’ve turned them back on, but if I’ve missed more of your posts than usual, that’s why. I hope it’s fixed now. Time will tell. 🙂


    1. The same problem has happened to me, Norah. I think it’s occurred twice now, but thankfully another blogger had written about the problem and how to fix it, so I checked her post and knew what to do. WordPress don’t seem to know why it happens. Fingers crossed it won’t happen to any of us again, but it will be the first place I’ll look if my email notifications from WordPress go quiet again. 😀

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      1. I’ll know what to do too! I remember that you recently wrote about some WP issues and I quite smugly replied that I hadn’t had any. Now I know, and it’s not pleasant. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again, to any of us!

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  4. Wow Man! What a metaphor! Creative to the max! Scary and profound! How often do you get all that in one really cool post! Shadow photos too!
    You know what this did? It inspired me to want to go return my comments and to comment on others’ posts. No SPAM shadow monster is gonna get me.
    Seriously, impressive metaphor.


    1. Wow! High praise indeed, Janice, thanks so much. It was the Bloggers Bash writing competition that inspired me to write this post. As I’m a judge in the competition I can’t, of course, enter but I hope it inspires other writers to give the competition a go. There are some seriously great prizes up for grabs. Link to the competition is below (hint, hint – give it a go). 😀



  5. Guess who won the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party this week with this cool post about shadows and bloggers? Any guesses? I’ll give you one guess– his first name is Hugh.


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