Low Tide #writephoto

Press the play button to hear the final moments of the planet Earth

Recorded in response to #writephoto – ‘Low Tide’ at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Photo Credit: Sue Vincent
Photo credit: Sue Vincent

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75 thoughts on “Low Tide #writephoto

  1. This was a poignant reminder that if we (humankind) don’t do something to protect our home soon we could end up like the voice in the recording. I loved it, Hugh. It was fascinating.

  2. A little late to the love fest, Hugh, (couldn’t hear it on the tablet I was using)! Awesome job, and as a few people mentioned, your voice is perfect for this! Put it into words and another story is born! Thanks for wowing us all again!

        1. I’m stuck then. It plays fine for me and many others have also heard it and commented. The only other thing I can think of is to try playing it on your phone, a tablet, or a desktop (if you’ve not tried any of them?). I know one blogger played it on her mobile phone because she said it was strange hearing my voice while on the way to have her nails done.

  3. Nicely done but I do believe you’ve been watching too many news programs! Reminds me of the Doors song The End. (and War of the Worlds too)

  4. Wow, Hugh that was very atmospheric. You painted such a visual picture with your words and I have to say that your voice is very easy to listen to. 😊 Maybe you have a future in audio storytelling. Great job.

    1. Thank you, Miriam. Maybe my future does lay in Audio Books, although I did read this unscripted. It saved me a lot of time with not having to type it out, and I loved the fact that I could make my voice change to get over what I was feeling. I usually find that very hard to do when writing it.

  5. Hi Hugh,
    Great post and love the recorded message. I now have a voice to put with the face.
    I watched a video clip a few days ago that captured a huge area of glacier fall into the sea. They said the area was as large as lower Manhattan in New York. It also stated we have lost three times the amount of glacier area in the last 10 years than the previous 100 years. Scary. We are destroying our planet and the Nations of our world are doing nothing to stop it. I’m glad I’m old enough I won’t see the worse of it. However, my grandson will have to.

    1. Thanks, Chuck.

      What is happening to our world is indeed very scary. I remember watching the movie ‘2012’ for the first time and wondering if what I was watching was some kind of a vision of a future world. From what we are seeing, I think it could well be unless mankind stops talking and takes action.

  6. Hugh this is brilliant! I love the way you have spoken your story. Your voice is so clear and the story comes alive! I get the sense of menace from it too, as you say goodbye to what we have destroyed. This is a fantastic new idea 🙂

    1. Thanks, Judy. A first go at this for me and I’m delighted that people have enjoyed it. It was also unscripted, so I just sat there, looked at the photo for a few moments, and then clicked record. Richard Burton and his narration of ‘The War Of The Worlds’ did briefly enter my mind while I was recording.

      1. Well Hugh I am so impressed that you did all that off the cuff is Testimony to your true feelings, which I applaud!
        I wrote a poem called the end of days which was of the same subject I also recorded it but not off the cuff. Respect you are a hero! ❤

        1. The idea to do a recording came to me while I was out walking the dog on the beach. Then, I saw the photo Sue had posted and pressed play. I did put the recycling out this morning, so maybe it was that which planted the idea in my head?
          Thanks so much, Willow. Going forward, I’ll have to have a real good think about whether I should type, record, or maybe a bit of both?

        2. When I did do a few recordings I wrote them out as well and also posted them on my blog.
          Your voice is lyrical so lyrical so you could do more recordings and even Vlogs! ❤ xxxxx

        1. Oh lordy! I would have been interestingly accessorised for this wedding I’m attending on Saturday then! 😂😂😂

      1. This is a great idea, Hugh. I’m wondering about reaching out to the visually impaired with voice recordings or YouTube videos of our blogs.

        1. Agreed. Must start thinking of some happy stories, though. My partner just said to me “Well you’re a happy old soul, aren’t you. I thought I was at a funeral when I was listening to that.”
          Old, Sue, he called me old!!!

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