13 Weeks: 13 Quick Blogging Tips: Week 2 – How To Add, Delete, and Manage The Categories Of Your WordPress Blog

In my previous post of this new feature, I gave reasons why adding a search bar to your blog is important. You can read the post by clicking here. This week, I’m going to talk about blog categories.

13 Weeks: 13 Quick Blogging Tips

I read lots of wonderful blog posts and often want to find out if the blogger has written more posts on the same subject.

Here’s an example. I’ve just read a post you published about your Grandmother’s recipe for the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. I ask myself if you’ve published any other recipes and search for a recipe category. Unfortunately, you don’t have one or you don’t categorise any of your posts (so they all fall under ‘uncategorised‘). Yes, I can do a search (if you have a search bar on your blog), but I want to check out all your recipe posts. The only option is to now scroll through all your posts looking for recipes that may interest me. The clock is ticking and I’ve got lots more to do.

Categories are important to every blog, especially to a blog like mine which covers many subjects. However, even if you only blog about one subject, it’s still important to categorise all your posts. But how do you add a category to your blog, manage them, and how do you delete a category you no longer use?

Click on My Sites (situated in the top left of your blog).

In the left-hand menu of the dashboard of your blog, click on WP Admin.

Hover your mouse over Posts and click on Categories.

Screen shot of the dashboard of a WordPress blog

To add a new category, enter the name of the category in the Add New Category box.

Add New Category box

If your blog already has categories, you can if you wish, parent up the new category with an existing one.

List of my blog's categories

Add a description of what the category covers.

Click on Add New Category.

Your new category will now be added to your blog.

On the same page, you’ll see a list of the all the categories you’ve added to your blog along with the number of posts under each category. Here’s a snapshot of some of the categories on my blog.

List of some of categories on my WordPress blog

To delete a category, tick the box next to the category name and press delete. However, before doing this, ensure you either delete the posts from your blog under that category or change the category of each post to a new or existing category. If you don’t do this, then those posts will show under ‘uncategorised‘.

Deleting a category from your blog

Uncategorised‘ should never show as a category on any of your blog posts. Make sure all your blog posts have a category so that they are easy for visitors to find. You can also manage your categories by editing them from this page.

Finally, if you reblog another blogger’s post, ensure you go back to your dashboard to categorise the post (and add tags) after you’ve reblogged it. If you’re not sure what category to put the reblog under, then create a new category and call it ReBlogs. You can then categorise all reblogs under this category.

Remember – ‘Uncategorised‘ is a bad word in the blogging world, so categorise all of your posts.

To change the category of any uncategorised post, find the post, click edit, and change the category under Categories & Tags.

My thanks to Erika Kind, who gave me the idea for this post after asking me a question about categories.

If you have any questions regarding categories, please leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

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