The Reasons Behind My Recent Problems With WordPress

Last week, I reported some problems I was experiencing with my WordPress account. You can read the details by clicking here.

I’m pleased to report that after several emails with WordPress, they were finally able to sort out the problems for me and my blogging experience is now how it should always be.

It didn’t help that WordPress tried blaming the issues on British Telecom, my internet service provider. However, after asking them to read the post I had published about the problems, they were able to pinpoint what was going on and it was not long before everything was working how it should be.

I asked WordPress for details of what had caused the problems and they kindly sent me the details below.

Some of the developers on our team recently identified an issue that led to long delays during login for some users. They rolled out a fix for that issue but, with that, inadvertently caused the loading issues you experienced. This has now been patched up.

The loading issues came up for some users with custom domains and who attempted to access via Chrome or Safari (both browsers run on the same engine). This wasn’t picked up during testing as it didn’t occur consistently for those users.

We’re very grateful for your reports of the issue and apologise greatly for the inconvenience caused!

I read over your blog post and want to assure you that the support team here always put our best efforts into helping with questions.

In this case, it was super helpful to know that the issue happened when you attempted to access in Chrome and Safari, not so that we could “blame the browser” but so that we could fix the cause of the issue.

I myself also apologise for getting distracted by the fact that your ISP is BT. We have recently had issues where sites were placed on their blacklist and we worked closely with them to try to resolve that, which is what led to my questioning.

We care a lot about; it’s in our interest for people to be able to load and access their sites.

So, there you have it. I urge anyone who is experiencing problems with WordPress to contact them with full details of what the problems are. I found that by taking screenshots of the errors and publishing a post about them, WordPress were able to pinpoint and expel the gremlins from my blog very quickly.

Let’s hope the gremlins stay away.

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105 thoughts

  1. Hugh, I switched to the Opera browser and all the problems stopped. Chrome has issues of their own and I don’t think this will totally fix the issue. Since I switched to Opera, my blog has been loading with no issues. I was getting messages that it couldn’t handle the data. ❤


  2. I’ve found a lot of odd WordPress glitches, none of which were serious enough to chase around but are annoying nonetheless. I don’t have these issues all the time. If anyone knows and easy fix, please advise:

    1. Sometimes articles will not appear in my reader until hours or even days after they are posted.
    2. Website metrics do not add up.
    3. Photos that look fine on a desktop/laptop browser are sometimes turned sideways on the mobile site.
    4.Admin panel will ask for username/password several times before it believes me.


    1. 1. Don’t trust the reader, Chris. I’ve always had problems with it. Even some of my own posts don’t show up on it. And now, WordPress are putting posts of blogs we don’t follow, on our readers as recommendations! Grrrr!
      2. I’ve spent many an hour trying to work out why stats don’t add up. However, I do think they are improving.
      3. To do with bloggers who use themes that are either not tablet/phone friendly, or where they haven’t turned on the ‘enable mobile theme’ under Mobile options on their blog.
      4. That’s one for WordPress (certainly after the recent experiences I had with signing in and then not being able to view my own blog posts).

      I hope these help, Chris?

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  3. Glad to hear you got your problem sorted out, Hugh. The happiness engineers have always been helpful with problems I’ve had, but they seem a bit thin on the ground lately. I’ve been trying to get something done about the hyperlink to my book site not opening when it’s added to a word doc. No success at all and no contact with them since the early hours of Thursday morning. It’s so frustrating! I can’t finish adding the front matter to my short story collection without the link to my site!


    1. That’s a strange one, Jane, although I wasn’t able to open my blog from Google if I was already signed into WordPress. Kept getting a message saying that my blog was broken! I hope they sort it out for you soon. May be worth chasing them.


      1. I keep chasing them and they keep not replying. I’m going to ask Sue Vincent if she has had the same problem because I know that if I try to save the link to her blog in a word doc I get the same error message and can’t open the link.


      2. Thanks for that, Hugh, I’ll try that. What’s weird is if I copy and paste directly from a doc with the live link in it, it still doesn’t work. I’ll let you know if I can get it now.


      3. No, I haven’t updated Word, and yes, I’ve tried inserting the hyperlink. I’ve tried getting the link through a different browser but it makes no difference. It’s either something very simple or impossibly complicated. If I have to start mucking about with codes I shall quietly forget about it.


      4. You may have already done so, but ask a few other bloggers if they are having the same problem. That way, you can whittle down to where the problem lays. I had a quick look on Google and there was stuff on there as well; so may be worth a quick look.


      5. I don’t understand the jargon of the stuff I’ve seen when I’ve googled. I’ve seen the problem described on the Mac forum but there were no replies to the questions. I’ll see what Sue has to say.

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  4. Just thought I’d let you know that after the fourth attempt, I had a reply from WP to say they got the message, yeah, it often happens with Word, sorting it is complicated, and if you want to try, here’s a link. I’d already seen the page they referred to and didn’t understand a word of it. It’s littered with warnings about the terrible things that might happen if you slip up while you’re mucking about with changing codes, so I’m leaving well alone. The good news is that the guy assures me that once the doc is converted to Mobi the link will work. He’d better be right…


    1. Don’t be mad at me, but I had to laugh when I read your comment. But only because WordPress sent me a link on how to contact my internet service provider after my 2nd email to them about the problem. I mean, as if I’d never ever contacted them before?
      Yep, I hope, for his sake, he’s right as well. Keep me posted, Jane.


      1. Reading the forum for WP support reminds me of listening to American futuristic action films and the badly articulated gobbledy gook the characters come out with. I feel like joining in with some invented gook, see if they spot the difference;


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