The Reasons Behind My Recent Problems With WordPress

Last week, I reported some problems I was experiencing with my WordPress account. You can read the details by clicking here.

I’m pleased to report that after several emails with WordPress, they were finally able to sort out the problems for me and my blogging experience is now how it should always be.

It didn’t help that WordPress tried blaming the issues on British Telecom, my internet service provider. However, after asking them to read the post I had published about the problems, they were able to pinpoint what was going on and it was not long before everything was working how it should be.

I asked WordPress for details of what had caused the problems and they kindly sent me the details below.

Some of the developers on our team recently identified an issue that led to long delays during login for some users. They rolled out a fix for that issue but, with that, inadvertently caused the loading issues you experienced. This has now been patched up.

The loading issues came up for some users with custom domains and who attempted to access via Chrome or Safari (both browsers run on the same engine). This wasn’t picked up during testing as it didn’t occur consistently for those users.

We’re very grateful for your reports of the issue and apologise greatly for the inconvenience caused!

I read over your blog post and want to assure you that the support team here always put our best efforts into helping with questions.

In this case, it was super helpful to know that the issue happened when you attempted to access in Chrome and Safari, not so that we could “blame the browser” but so that we could fix the cause of the issue.

I myself also apologise for getting distracted by the fact that your ISP is BT. We have recently had issues where sites were placed on their blacklist and we worked closely with them to try to resolve that, which is what led to my questioning.

We care a lot about; it’s in our interest for people to be able to load and access their sites.

So, there you have it. I urge anyone who is experiencing problems with WordPress to contact them with full details of what the problems are. I found that by taking screenshots of the errors and publishing a post about them, WordPress were able to pinpoint and expel the gremlins from my blog very quickly.

Let’s hope the gremlins stay away.

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