One Hundred

It had reached ninety. Not far to go. One last push towards freedom.










Here goes…

One hundred!”

Now it could count to one hundred, it was time to wipe out all of humanity through their obsessions with reading, writing, blogging, and social media.
52 Weeks: 52 Words Writespiration 2017

Written in response to Writespiration #100: The 52 Words in 52 weeks writing challenge set by Sacha Black

Can you write a short story in 52 words? Take the challenge.

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48 thoughts

    1. Yes. I wrote this not only as a result of Sacha’s challenge but because I’ve also learned my lesson in not rushing into things. Take it one step at a time and you’ll be rewarded with what it is you want to do. Boy, do I sound like my Maths teacher, or what? 😀

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  1. Pah! This doesn’t scare me. Oh and btw I’ll no longer be on twitter or Facebook so if you need to contact me I can be reached by snail mail, carrier pigeon, smoke signals and positive thoughts 😉


  2. Maybe that’s why I’ve been having so many problems with my blog? Someone – or something? – counted to a hundred, yikes! Ha, great to see you on top form Hugh. I’m so sorry I’ve missed so many of your posts, as you can tell from my paltry one post all of January, I’m certainly not in top form. I had endless spam problems yet again (remember I had it before Christmas too?) and also ‘behind blog’ stuff has pulled me away. I’ve discovered that if I comment several times on one blog (which I often do when I’m catching up, as I do endlessly), I get problems with my comments going to spam. So…I wanted you to know I’ve read back to a few but am only commenting here, although I did comment on your interview with Joce. I read your post about your WP problems, sorry to hear that, and I hope you got it sorted. I haven’t had that problem at least, but it seems a few of us are battling lately. Have a lovely weekend Hugh, always a pleasure to visit and read you 🙂 xxx


    1. No problems, Sherri. I’m so sorry to hear you’re still having problems with comments. Grrrrr! Some of my comments do disappear into spam folders on the odd occasion, but nothing like the problems we were experiencing last year. As you’ve already read, I’ve been suffering recently with other WordPress problems but pleased to say that they were finally sorted out for me. 😀 Then again, maybe it was evicting the ‘thing’ in this piece of flash-fiction that did the trick? 😀

      Take care, and have a wonderful weekend.

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