39 Weeks: 39 Blogs Everyone Should Follow In 2017 – Week 3: Debby Gies – D. G. Kaye Writer

One of the best things I discovered when I started this blog is that the blogging world is full of authors. Rewind back just over 50 years and my dream of one day becoming a published author was born.

39 Weeks: 39 Blogs Everyone Should Follow In 2017

Today, the 3rd of the 39 blogs I’ll be recommending to you over the course of 2017, is the blog of somebody who has offered and given me so much support and encouragement that if it were chocolate, I’d have enough of the sweet stuff to feed the whole world for over one-hundred years (I may keep a few bars of milk chocolate for myself, though).

D. G. Kaye is a published Canadian author, writer and blogger, known to many as Debby Gies. Debby’s blog is one of the most informative blogs I have read. Check out her ‘about me’ page by clicking here.

Debby isn’t afraid when it comes to sharing, writing and publishing blogging tipsself-publishing tips, social media tips, and even tips on subjects such as cleaning up your Amazon links and how to autograph your books from across the miles. She’s full of ideas, as her blog posts show, and attracts many readers from all over the world.

The author of five books (and currently in the process of writing two more), Debby always has time for her readers. She reads and answers comments left on her blog posts with lightning speed; something which she has every right in priding herself on. She’s also a blogger who visits, reads and comments on other people’s blog posts; so expect to see a lot of her around the blogging world. Click here to check out Debby’s Amazon author page and details of all her current books.

A keen promoter of other authors’ works, Debby also runs a guest post feature, ‘Who has a new book?’, where authors can showcase their latest book and answer some of her questions. I had the pleasure of having a post published on Debby’s blog in December. Click here to read the latest guest post by author Adele Marie Park.

Finally, last year, Debby launched a fundraiser for someone she calls “a remarkable Warrior Woman” her sister, Marni. Read the whole story about Marni and why Debby started the fundraiser by clicking here. If each of my followers just donated $1 each, then we’d raise just over $1,800 towards helping the remarkable woman that is Marni.

Head on over to Debby’s blog and introduce yourself by clicking here.

Debby Gies - Aka D. G. Kaye

Do you already follow Debby’s blog? Have you read any of her books? Leave a comment and let’s build up many more reasons why everyone should follow the blog of D. G. Kaye Writer.

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  1. Hi, Hugh. Debbie’s blog is fabulous! She is a terrific supporter of other bloggers and authors. She has a fantastic writing style that draws you in whether reading her blog or her books. She is a lovely lady.


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