Are You Experiencing These Problems With WordPress?

I thought it a good idea to share some problems I’m currently experiencing with WordPress.

Since the evening of Thursday 19th January, I’ve not been able to open the blog posts of some of the blogs I follow from the email notifications I get from WordPress.

When clicking on the ‘Read more of this post’ link or the heading of the post title on the email

WordPress email notification

I either get an error message like this –

Error message from WordPress

or the page just carries on trying to open, but never actually does.

It’s not affecting all blogs I follow, just some of them.

I get the same results when clicking on ‘visit’ next to the same blog posts on my reader list.

Error message from WordPress

This is only happening when I am logged into WordPress using my WordPress login details.

If I am not logged into WordPress, the links on the WordPress email notifications open and I can read the post. However, I’m not able to like or comment on the post because I am not logged into WordPress.

However, I’ve discovered that if I sign into WordPress using my Twitter or Facebook profile when trying to leave a comment, then I can leave a comment without any problems.

Comment box on a blog post when logged in via Twitter

If I try opening any of my own blog posts from the dashboard of my blog (by clicking on view) I get the same problem, so I’m not able to view my own blog posts.  Grrrrrrrr!

My blog posts on my WordPress dashboard

WordPress error message for my blog

Come on WordPress, if I’m able to log into my own blog to write this post, then surely my blog page must be working?

On Friday, I reported the problem to WordPress who suggested that it may be my Internet Service Provider who is to blame. They asked me to turn off the parental controls and security/firewall settings of my Internet provider. I’ve never used these settings and have checked and they are already switched off as I have no requirement for them. I informed WordPress of this on Saturday morning and am now waiting for a reply.

If anybody else is experiencing the same problems as I am, then would you please let me know by leaving me a comment. Please outline the problem and if you have been able to get around it while WordPress are investigating. If WordPress have sorted the problem out for you then please let me know what they did to solve it.

As I said, this problem is not affecting all the blogs I follow, but the list of those it is affecting is gradually building up.

I’ll keep you all updated on the situation but, in the meantime, please bear with me while I do what I can to try and rid my blog of these new problems.

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165 thoughts

  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles, Hugh. Hope the ‘happiness engineers’ help to resolve the issue sooner than later. It took almost 4 months for mine to be dealt with last spring. Fingers crossed! 🙂


      1. I know. It was a horrible experience. I could a read post, but not comment. I couldn’t participate in challenges. After complaining multiple times, someone finally did something, but I still don’t know what. Good luck, Hugh. 🙂


  2. Hi Hugh, I haven’t experienced the problems of which you speak, but here’s my 2 cents’ worth.

    I never use the “Visit” button under each post in the Reader. (To be honest, I didn’t even see it there.) I always click on the title of each post in the Reader and it brings it up on what I call a “blue page” (where the normally black stripe across the top is blue and the text and pictures are presented plain, without that blog’s theme). I click the title of the post on that blue page and it opens the blog in its normal page with the correct theme, sidebars, etc.

    Then I can return to the “blue page,” click the back arrow at the top which returns me to the reader and I line up the next one. This allows me to line up several blog posts each with their own tab across the top of my screen and I can read each one while others are still loading.

    It sounds like double work but I’ve never had a problem accessing any of the blogs. Maybe this will work for you while you’re waiting for WP to sort out the other problem? Hope they sort it out soon…


    1. Thanks for these details, Susan.

      I don’t use the WordPress reader as I’ve often had problems with it such as blog posts not appearing in it. Even my own blog posts often failed to show up in it. However, I did what you said and the first part went fine. However, when I click on the title of the post, I’m getting the same problem in that the blog refuses to open and I get the same error message informing me that the blog isn’t working. What’s frustrating is that if I am logged out of WordPress I can view the blog post with no problems by clicking on the links in the emails. So, I’m certain this problem is related to something that is going on when I am logged into WordPress.

      Thanks for the suggestion, though. 😀


  3. Maybe the 10’s of millions of us bloggers on WP finally broke it! I haven’t had those particular issues as yet, but that must be majorly frustrating! My issue this week, suddenly out of the blue, is my pingbacks to the weekly photo challenge are not working, which means my thumbnail does not appear in the grid. That happened when I went to self-hosting, and part of the reason I came back to WP dot com! I believe that the WPC was (and is) my major contributor to almost 700 followers to my blog when I first began, and at least 100 in the last two months since I’ve been back. I chatted today with a Happiness Engineer, and he was perplexed as well. Others have had issues with pingbacks and such, too. Hopefully this too shall pass!


    1. Sorry to hear about the pingback problems, Terri. I’ve been trying to speak to WordPress all weekend but keep getting told that no happiness engineers are available. Grrrrrrr! So, I’m having to deal with the problems I am experiencing by email.

      Unfortunately, your blog is one of those I’m no longer able to view if I’m logged into WordPress. If I’m not logged into WordPress then I can view your blog.

      I hope they solve your pingback problem soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They keep trying to blame it on my Internet Service provider, Terri.

        BTW, I was having problems, a little while ago, where my pingbacks were ending up in the WordPress spam folders of certain bloggers. I wonder if the same problem is happening to your pingbacks? May be worth asking some bloggers if you don’t see your pingback showing up on their posts?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll have to check that option, thanks, Hugh! I have AT&T and chrome, and rarely have issues. Makes no sense. And I haven’t heard back from WP yet about the WPC pingbacks; another blogger had issues with that too, but his are working again.


      3. Last year, all my comments were going into WordPress spam folders, Terri. WordPress couldn’t understand why. Then, a few days later, the problem stopped happening. I never found out what had caused the problem, but many other bloggers also experienced the same issue.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Susie, but this isn’t an internet connection problem. I can open these blog posts without any problems if I’m not logged into WordPress. It’s only when I’m logged into WordPress that the problems occur. I keep my MAC updated with all software, so I think these problems are WordPress related. Hopefully, they will sort them out soon.


  4. You’re not alone and telling you it’s your internet provider is a huge cop out from WP. Shame on them. I just read two posts from others about this same issue. One of them is in the states, the other is in Turkey. Pretty sure that negates the provider issue. Hang in there but stay on them about this!!!


      1. Oh. I thought you were self-hosted as you can do all the plug-ins and stuff. Or I thought you could. I haven’t had any problems then. Maybe it’s your side of the world. 🙂


  5. My problems are with the internet services – Safari and Chrome act very differently when I’m reading other people’s blogs. Chrome is by far the more stable. Hope WP can figure out what the problem is!


  6. Yikes. I hate it when stuff like this happens. I’m sorry I can’t help you, but I hope you get the problem sorted soon. I have had other problems and inconsistencies with WordPress which are inexplicable. And then, sometimes, they get solved somehow, without me doing anything different, but having patience. Or, the issues are small enough, I can get past it and move on.


    1. They probably get sorted because other bloggers have reported the same problems with WordPress. However, WordPress sometimes have to know which blogs are being affected by a problem in order to sort them out individually. My advice to anyone who is having any kind of problems with their WordPress account is to report those problems to WordPress. That way they can hopefully fixed those problems quickly. I’m pleased to say that the issues I was having have now all been fixed, although I did have to insist with WordPress that the problems were not being caused by anyone else other than WordPress themselves.


  7. How annoying! I’ve not come across that one yet. For me the most common problem which I frequently get, is not recieving blog post notifications in my email, even though all settings are on and nothing has changed. Is the problem resolved yet?


    1. Geoff had the same problem with his email notifications as you do, Ali. He later found out that his Samsung phone had been placing all his WordPress notifications in the spam folder on the phone! He had over 600 to fish out. 😳

      Yes, the problems I’ve highlighted in this post have now all been resolved. I’m waiting for WordPress to confirm what had caused the problems. Your blog was one of those I was unable to view when logged into my WordPress account.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol! Well you didn’t miss much here! I always check my spam folders, but they were empty. Technology, huh? Cant live with it, can’t live without it! Glad you’re all up and running again!


  8. Hello you,
    Yes, I did have some funny goings on the other day, but I thought it was just me. I will now be more aware of these things and report back.
    By the way , I was thinking of you and your book earlier on. When I get a minute and I can stay awake long enough( blog post, on my blog to follow on that) I plan to do a review of your book. I will let you know. Don’t hold your breath just yet though… in snail mode. Kiss for you two and Toby. xxx


    1. Hi Miriam, yes it’s all sorted out now. Took about 4 days and lots of emails (with screenshots) to the happiness engineers at WordPress.

      Sorry to hear about the problems you’re experiencing. If it keeps happening then I’d recommend you report it to WordPress.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I will Hugh. I’ve had glitches in the past too which they’ve been helpful with but for some reason I’ve just been putting up with this one. Glad your issues have been sorted.

        Liked by 1 person

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