Lost Things

It wasn’t only her false teeth she’d lost. She was speechless and had now lost all her words. Why had she said those things?

Bleeding to death, it wasn’t long before she lost her world. Losing your tongue was painful, but a great meal for the executioner’s cat who licked its lips.

52 Weeks: 52 Words Writespiration 2017

Written in response to Writespiration #99: The 52 Words in 52 weeks writing challenge set by Sacha Black

© 2017 Copyright-All rights reserved-hughsviewsandnews.com.


56 thoughts on “Lost Things

        1. Thursday.

          I’m guessing my pingbacks to your Bloggers Bash competition post are also not working? Going forward, I’ll try and post the link to my Writespiration entries directly onto your post until the pingback problem has been sorted.

  1. Haha !! My neighbour lost her teeth last week – it seems she may have flushed them down the loo 🙂 ’tis true, that…

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