51 Weeks: 51 Songs From The Past: Week 3: Sailor – A Glass Of Champagne

Thank you to everyone that continues to join in with this new feature on Hugh’s Views And News.

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Last week’s featured song from Shirley Bassey was another hit, even though some of you had never heard her sing the song before. Something I know about Shirley Bassey is that she loves a glass or two of champagne.

Which brings me on very nicely to the introduction of this week’s featured song, sang by British pop group, Sailor.

And here’s another video of the song just in case the first one does not work in your country.


In 1975, ‘A Glass of Champagne’ reached number 4 on the Australian singles charts, number 2 in the UK and became a number 1 hit in Ireland.

The song has been used as the backing for several TV commercials in the UK.

The group first formed in 1973 before the original group’s lineup split in 1978.

A glass of champagne to Ruth, Barbara and Kat who all introduced their next song from the past on a blog post. Thank you to everyone who also left links to a song in the comments.

Have you heard Sailor’s ‘A Glass of Champagne’ before? What did you think of the song? Would it make you want to get up and dance?

Want to join Hugh in building up your 51 favourite songs from the past? Leave a link in the comments section below and showcase your next song.

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  1. I remember it. I love the lead singers voice and any song about champagne has to be good.

    This is another one of my faves from 1966: Nancy Sinatra, These Boot are made for Walkin. Love the dancing on this one.

    1. This is the second time Nancy and her boots has been mentioned in this feature, Chris. She now goes into the lead with the song most recommended. The song was chosen in week one. I can see why it’s proving popular. 😀
      Thanks for joining in again.

      1. Teddy Pendergrass left group in the late 70s and went on to solo career. A few years later he was in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. It became a big celebrity story because his passenger was a transgender woman with whom he had apparently been having an affair.

  2. Typical Hugh to anticipate that the first video may not work for all countries and supply with a back up! What a fun song. I’d never heard of it before and thought I was a big music buff, lol. Enjoying your little hidden gems in music Hugh. 🙂 xo

    1. I had a feeling about the first video not playing everywhere, Debby. Given Sailor only had hits in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, I thought the probability of the video not playing everywhere was very high – hence the second one. Thank goodness it worked. I hope the tune had you dancing? 😀

  3. Hi, Hugh – Thanks for introducing me to Sailor. This is a totally new song, and band, for me. (Seriously, sometimes I think that I have lived under a rock!) Thanks also for posting the second link. The first one did not work for me (Canada). I also found the video on Youtube if that helps anyone else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmJxeysqiAY

    1. I don’t think Sailor ever made it out of the UK, Ireland and Australia, Donna. Back then, I think it was more difficult for artists to get their music released. When the group reformed, in the late 1980s, they went on to release more songs, but I don’t remember any of those songs.
      Thanks for the video. I thought I’d add the second one as I know that YouTube can be very particular as to where videos can be played.

    1. I’ve had problems with YouTube videos not always working in every country, Van. I had a feeling about this YouTube video as the song was never released in the States. Hence, I thought adding a second video would be a good idea. Good to hear it worked so you could hear the song.

  4. What an excellent choice, Hugh! This would definitely be on my playlist too! It is just so upbeat and full of energy!
    My choice this week reminds me of when I was a teenager and went to see this group in concert with my sister and brother.
    I must say, Brian Ferry is still as smooth as ever!!!

  5. Yippee, I forgot all about Sailor! One of the good things about us being about the same age, Hugh, is we grew up with the same generation of music, even if we might remember different songs 🙂 x

      1. It is awesome! Btw. I have a question regarding blogging. Do you know how I can delete categories? I have some from my beginning which I really don’t need and I would love to clear that out!

        1. You’re welcome, Erika. It works well for me. However, I forgot to mention to remember to either delete any posts you have under a category you are removing or to recategorise it, otherwise the post will show under ‘uncategorised’

  6. Hmmmm, another new song for me. Thanks, Hugh! For some reason the words “kicky” and “hip” come to mind. I like it- I’m not a big dancer but I could see myself nodding my head to the beat. 🙂

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