Glimpses Tour For December – Last Two Stops Today

Today, I’m coming to the end of my Glimpses tour for December, with an interview over at the blog of Debby Kaye. You can check out the interview by clicking the link below.

Who Has a New Book? – Guest Author, Hugh Roberts – Glimpses

Debby is another amazing blogging friend of mine and has supported me by promoting my writing, blog, and book at every opportunity. If you haven’t check out her blog then please click on the link and you’ll be able to explore her blog as well as the many books she has written. Her latest book, P.S. I Forgive You: A Broken Legacy, is available to buy on Amazon and is the follow up to the book Conflicted Hearts.

Thank you, Debby, for the lovely warm welcome over on your blog and for all the support you have given me. I am so looking forward to meeting you at ‘The Bloggers Bash’ in London, on June 10th, 2017.

This evening, I’ll be joining fellow blogger, Steve McPherson, for The Hugh And Steve Radio Show. All the details of how to join us can be found by clicking the link below.

The Hugh And Steve Radio Show

There will be festive music, laughter, wine, mince pies, lots of tinsel and maybe just a tad of mayhem. I’ll also be giving out some clues to the question and anagram I recently set for the Glimpses competition. There’s a £100 Amazon gift card up for grabs and five runners up will win a £20 Amazon gift card each. It may be worthwhile listening to the show to help solve the anagram riddle.

Glimpses Competition

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34 thoughts on “Glimpses Tour For December – Last Two Stops Today

      1. Oh, that is awesome! I would love to listen to you both! I am really sorry, I wasn’t there. But so happy, I get another chance 😄 I am also happy for you (at least) that all went so well!


      2. I just listened to the first hour of your interview and will do the second half tomorrow! You did great! I loved to listen to you talking. It is amazing when you know that person even by the voice as if I was back at the Blogger Bash! Btw. why are you surprised that you are invited for a talk about blogging? You have given us such fantastic tips and advice, Hugh!


      3. Thanks, Erika. I think I was surprised because there are so many more people out there who know so much more than I do about the subject. Some of those people will be at the event but as well as being surprised I’ll also be thrilled to have been asked to give the talk. So far I’ve only read from my book so this will be a whole different ball game for me. Something to look forward to, though. 😁

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      4. Oh, definitely a new big field opening up for you! Some out there may know more today. But on one hand they had to get their information too once! What I like about your “insturctions” is that I understand them… and that has nothing to do with the language but with the way you explain it!


  1. Thank you very much my busy beaver friend for the lovely mention and compliment. I’m thrilled to follow you around your blogging tour. You’ve done a fantastic job from the writing, publishing and promoting. What a whirlwind Hugh. I hope you continue to be as busy and popular, and I have no doubt you will. I can’t wait to come to the Bash!!!!! Lookout! LOL. Now I’m looking forward to listening to the radio show with Steve to hear YOUR voice. 🙂 I’ll be sniffing out the recorded link tomorrow. Cheers my friend! 🙂 xo


    1. Hi, Debby. You’re very welcome. The last day of my December Glimpses tour was a brilliant day. Now, I gotta get myself ready for the January tour – lol.
      Steve is putting the podcast together and I’ll add it to a post as soon as it becomes available. The show was a blast. A few technical hitches but we got there and had a great time chatting, playing festive tunes and having a jolly good laugh.
      Have a wonderful weekend. 🌟

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  2. You have been very busy! I’m currently reading Glimpses and can honestly say I’m enjoying it immensely. the stories are crisp and I do love a twist!! Enjoy your break and good luck with it all. 🙂


    1. I don’t feel as if I’ve stopped since the launch of the book, Deb. My feet haven’t touched the ground. However, it’s been great fun and I loved every moment.

      So very pleased to hear you are reading the book. Thank you so much for buying it. I hope those stories don’t give you too many nightmares. 😱

      And, I wish you much success with what awaits you after your recent redundancy. It happened to me back in 2012 (after 23 years) and I’ve not looked back since. 😀

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      1. Thanks Hugh I appreciate your wisdom and will take it on board. It’s all a bit fresh at the moment and I’m a bit out of sorts! The stories are good and I must admit one gave me the spooks! I enjoyed the bloggers bash and had flashes of a Doctor Who episode. All the best!


      2. It’s a strange feeling, Deb, but I soon found that the feeling melted away and that I began to enjoy the freedom I’d almost forgotten came with the change of direction.

        Funnily enough, I was asked last night on a radio show I was doing if I was thinking of writing a script for Dr.Who. I may just give it a go. 😀 And don’t forget to give the Glimpses competition a go. Closing date is not until 28th February, so there’s plenty of time to solve the riddle I set.

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  3. HI, My name is Kathy. Ritu introduced me to your book Glimpses, I was looking for a new book to read…so I downloaded yours to my kindle, yep, I am a kindle reader, I couldn’t stop once I started…..the stories kept me flipping the pages……thanks you for the great read…….I highly recommend it to all…kathy


    1. Hi, Kathy. I just saw your lovely comments about my book over on Ritu’s blog. Thank you so much for downloading Glimpses and I’m so very pleased that you loved it. You don’t know how comments like yours are the best any author, not just a first-time author like me, can get. You’ve certainly made my weekend and it certainly makes having written the stories and publishing them in a book the best thing I’ve done this year.
      I hope you’ll enter the Glimpses competition. The link to the details is below.

      Good luck if you decide to enter and thank you so much once again for your lovely comments about my first publication.

      Merry Christmas.


      1. I am glad Steve did the Podcast because I would have missed it otherwise! I particularly loved hearing ‘Forever Autumn’ taken from ‘War of the Worlds’ What an album that was!
        I think this will be the first of many radio interviews, Hugh. You are a natural!!! 🙂


      2. That album is amazing, Judy. Richard Burton’s voice does strange things to me when I hear him on it. Oh, matron! 😁

        Thanks so much for listening to the show. I hope you’ll take up Steve’s offer of being interviewed? He’s looking for bloggers to go on the show in the New Year.

        Liked by 1 person

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