Glimpses Book Review and Author Round-Up

Celebrating not only the first five-star review for Glimpses but also the success of a whole host of Bloggers who have all self-published books this year; many for the first time.

Thank you to Terri Webster Schrandt for reviewing my book and also for promoting other bloggers who published books this year. Hop on over to Terri’s blog to check out the review and the list of bloggers she has also mentioned.

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Glimpses Book Review and Author RoundUp original cover image used by permission

If we were having coffee today, I would share with you my review of a fabulous new book from one of my favorite bloggers!

To me there is nothing like enjoying a few moments with a hot beverage while reading a good book.

Hugh Reading Glimpses This may be YOUR reaction while reading Glimpses. photo used by permission

Let me introduce you to Hugh Roberts, blogger at Hugh’s Views and News.

Roberts says that he chose the title Glimpses because “that is what you are about to get—glimpses into the everyday lives of people who are about to be led up a path they were not expecting.”

Not only is he a brand-new author, fellow bloggers tell me he is possibly the nicest gentleman you will ever meet in person or in the blogosphere!

You can view his book on Amazon.

5 starsHere is my 5-star…

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