The Friday Fiction with Hugh Roberts

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of being invited over to the blog of author, writer, blogger, fellow Bloggers Bash committee member, and my favourite Irish mythology guru, Ali Isaac.

Ali runs a weekly Friday Fiction feature where I took the opportunity to showcase the first chapter of ‘The Truth App’.

For those of you not familiar with ‘The Truth App’, this is the short story of a group of bloggers who stumble upon a deadly app. The original version managed to transform itself into another nine chapters and went viral. All ten parts of ‘The Truth App’ feature in my new book, Glimpses.

Thank you, Ali. It was a pleasure visiting you and being featured on your blog.

The App Store
Dare you download The Truth App?

Wahaaay! Author friend and blogger, Hugh Roberts has just released GLIMPSES, his first book! I’m well-jell of that gorgeous cover! Hugh is a fellow member of the Bloggers Bash c…

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