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The Glimpses Competition Has Now Closed.


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To celebrate the launch of my first book, now available on Kindle and in paperback, here’s the first of two competitions I am running over the next few months. For today’s competition, I’m offering you a chance to get your hands on one of six Amazon Gift Cards*.

One lucky winner will win a £100 Amazon Gift Card*

Five runners up will each win a £20 Amazon Gift Card*

*Amazon Gift Card will be purchased from winner’s country of residence. Where it’s not possible to purchase an Amazon Gift Card, a winner will receive cash equivalent via PayPal.

All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning, is answer the following question, solve its anagram, and complete a tiebreaker.

Question: In the story ‘The Easter Bunny’ what is the name of the toy maker of the soft toy Denise decides to buy for her daughter and what is the toy maker’s name an anagram of?

Tiebreaker: Using no more than another 15 words, complete the following sentence:

I enjoy reading short stories because…

Email your answers to, no later than 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 28th February 2017, ensuring you enter ‘Glimpses Competition’ in the subject line.

All winners will be contacted by email no later than Wednesday 15th March 2017. A list of winners will also be published on my blog on Tuesday 21st March 2017.


  • Only entries sent by email to will be entered into the competition.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. Anybody found to have entered the competition more than once will be disqualified.
  • Immediate family members of the author, Hugh W. Roberts, are not eligible to enter.
  • The competition closes at 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 28th February 2017. Entries received after this date will not be included.
  • The competition is only open to adults aged 18 and over.
  • Winners must agree to have their full name published on my blog.
  • No alternative prizes are available.
  • My decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to abide by these rules.

I’ll be announcing the second Glimpses competition in January.

Good luck!

Buy Glimpses here.

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    1. Hi Sherri. Thanks so much for doing that for me. I really appreciate it very much. 😀
      I just saw your comment over on Facebook so have fished you out of my WordPress spam folder. Hopefully, they’ll sort it out for you quickly.

      1. Great, thanks for that Hugh, I was hoping you would see my comment over at Ritu’s FB post. I’m so frustrated with it all, you know what it’s like, I’m pushing it to the hilt and I have a little bit of time to catch up on blogs, and what happens, my comments are going to spam – again! I read your interview over at Marje’s too, but of course can’t comment. Will head back when I’m able to. And it’s my pleasure, the least I can do to help promote your wonderful book! Catch up tomorrow, hopefully all fixed by then…better be!!!! xxx

        1. Is this the first time it’s happening to your comments, Sherri? It’s happened to me once so far, but occasionally I hit publish and see no comment there. Then, when I go back a few minutes later, low and behold the comment is there! They are usually pretty quick and say things like “we can’t understand why your all your comments are going to spam”, but it seems to happen to everyone at least once.

          My feet don’t seem to have touched the ground since the book launch. I’m not complaining, though. It’s been great fun and I’ve loved every moment of it. 😀

        2. I’m sure you are floating on air since your book publication Hugh, what an adventure, and how lovely to celebrate this Christmas knowing you are now a published author with your very own book…wow! So far as the spam problem, this has happened several times to me and that’s why I’m so frustrated. It happened only a few weeks ago, before that in the almost 4 years I’ve been blogging probably about 5 times. They never can find a reason for it, and they always fix it, but why it keeps happening they don’t know why. Sometimes I do that too, find when I go back my comment is there, but this time when that didn’t happen, I knew what that meant – back to spam prison for me! It’s really held me back, but I’m getting on with my post so at least I can do that… 🙂 xxx

        3. Sorry to hear about that, Sherri. I heard that it happens when WordPress update their security parameters, but why it should affect some bloggers and not others is a real mystery. Actually, that sounds like a good story to me 😀
          As you say, at least it gives you the chance to get on with that post. I only wish people checked their WordPress spam folders more often. I try and check mine at least once a day but must remember to inform people that I’ve found them in there.

        4. Interesting you should say that Hugh, as I noticed things looked a bit different on my blog but I thought maybe it was something to do with the crazy Windows 10 update on Wednesday. It took a couple of reboots for everything to settle back down, and then…the spam problem. I also don’t have the stats bar at the top of my blog anymore either, do you? But…looks like lovely Rachel at Akismet has got it all sorted for me thank goodness, so back to work! Ha…yes, actually, a good story indeed. Do you have something in mind Hugh? I know what you’re like when you get a good mystery prompt lol 😉 I am in the habit of checking my spam folder regularly now too ever since it happened one month ago, and you’re right, we all need to do it. Thanks for putting up with my venting these past couple of days…I’ll see you over at Debby’s a bit later! xxx

        5. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be there in the first place, lol! Oh well, things seem to be better now, thank goodness, thanks Hugh. Heading over to your interview with Deb now before I sign off for the night… xxx

  1. Me again. Just a thought as I saw this post making the rounds. I wasn’t aware your promo is running into next year, so I’m going to add the link to this promo here on our interview post for Friday, hope the promo will entice even more sales from the interview Hugh. xoxo 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debby. I really appreciate you doing that. I wanted to give readers plenty of time to think about the question, solve the anagram, do the tie breakers and get their entry in. It seems the anagram is proving a little tough so I may give a few clues over the coming weeks. 😀

        1. It’s in the story ‘The Easter Bunny’, Debby. Find the name of the toymaker of the soft toy Denise buys her daughter and, using all the letters in the toymaker’s name, rearrange all the letters to make up some new words. You have to use all the letters and each letter can only be used once. Competition doesn’t close until 28th Feb 2017 so there’s plenty of time to solve the puzzle.

  2. I thought I had commented already, and I might but just missed it. Best of luck and it seems like a great idea. Don’t worry, not everything works for everybody. Each person will tell you according to what works for them. I’ll save my advice as in my case I can’t recommend anything. Good luck, Hugh!

    1. lol, thanks, Olga. I’m trying all these things out for the first time. Choose the ones I liked and thought I’d give them a go. I really appreciate all the support and advice you have given me since the time our writing paths first crossed. Thanks so much.

  3. great idea Hugh, now, how to bookmark this for when I have tinme to enter. Also you could mention to your feriend in South Africa that the Book Depository delivers free worldwide and is very popular in SA.

    1. Thanks, Lucinda. You could always save the post on Evernotes or Flipchart (if you have them). I’ll be publishing reminders on my blog about the competition right up to the closing date of 28th February. Good luck if you decide to enter and thanks for the information about the Book Depository.

  4. you are going to have to take me in hand over this book marketing lark, old chum. As for the brilliant idea of the comp, I’m utterly befuddle by the anagram but have a storming phrase (not as good as the famous ‘say why Durex is the best condom in 10 words – this was when they were advertising on formula one cars ‘It turns a small event into a grand prix’). I will continue to struggle…

    1. lol, oh my, that’s only the second time that word has been mentioned with the word ‘grand’ on my blog, Geoff. As for the marketing, I’ve got it all from you published authors.
      Good luck with the anagram. When I first wrote the story, I did wonder if anybody would realise the name of the toymaker was an anagram for something else. I’m glad nobody did because it’s come in very handy for this competition. You’ll kick yourself when you work it out.

  5. Hi Hugh, The name of the toymaker is ok. But to make an anagram out of it ? I can only find two unrelated words. Is that right?

    1. Hi, Chris. By rearranging all the letters in the toymaker’s name and only using each letter once you’ll come up with some words (not necessary two). That’s all I can say I’m afraid without giving anything away. Closing date is not until 28th February, so there’s plenty of time to play around with those letters and come up with the words that will solve the anagram.
      Best of luck with it.

  6. Hi.I’ve bought the book on Kindle and read the Bunny story. It is impossible to answer your question for the competition. Or am I being thick?

    1. Hi Chris, First of all, thanks so much for buying the book.

      Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with the competition question. Is it the name of the toymaker of the soft toy Denise buys, in the story, you’re having difficulty with or is it the unscrambling/rearranging of the letters in the toy maker’s name which will give you answer to its anagram?

    1. Thanks, Leigh. I picked up the idea from another author. I liked what they had done so thought I’d gave it a go.

      Just about to email you now. Sorry for the delay. Since the book went on sale my feet haven’t touched the ground. 😇

    1. I joined Goodreads quite a while back, Terri. However, I’m still finding my way around it. I’ll have to give it some more time as I’ve been told it’s a great tool for promoting books and blogs.
      Hope this idea takes off. We’ll see, but I’ve confidence in it especially as I picked the idea up from another author.

      1. Good, I’ll find you and follow you. Kindle has a great how-to book on how to use Goodreads. It’s on my shelves if you want to take a look. I started your book and found it hard to put down. Planning to share my review soon 🙂

        1. Thanks for the heads up on the book about using Goodreads, Terri. I’ll take a look at it. I’ve just found you on Goodreads. I need to set up an Author page, so it’s on my long list of things to do 😀
          Wow! So great to hear you couldn’t put Glimpses down. 😀 You’re the first person to give me some feedback. Thanks so much for reading it.

  7. Congratulations again my friend. I love the clever workaround you’ve managed for the certificates not available to other countries! Best of luck and wishing you much success! (PS shared everywhere, but WP isn’t letting me ‘like’ or comment here, had to sign in from FB. Will return later and do so from my laptop) 🙂 xo<3

    1. Thanks, Debby. I’m hoping it will all work out. One of my new followers who came to my recent blog party, Robbie, from Robbie’s Inspiration, lives in South Africa and ordered my book from Amazon’s UK site. They ship to South Africa 😀 So for those that don’t have Amazon in their country they may still be able to order from the UK site. However, there’s always the Kindle version. 😀

      Your comment came through fine. No spam monster in sight 😎 I hope it’s just a minor glitch that you’ve encountered.

      1. I’m back, lol. Oh, great to know there’s a workaround with UK orders. Leave it to us FBIs to find a way. 🙂 Enjoy your launch. And do let me know how it feels to finally hold your first book when you receive it. If you’re anything like me, there may be tears. ❤

        1. I will, Debby. I’ll probably have a lie down once I open that box and all those copies of Glimpses stare back at me. 🙃 Better make sure I’ve got the brandy to hand to help me get over the shock and emotion. Thank goodness I ironed my handkerchiefs and Christmas socks, yesterday. 😀

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