Why You Should Be Using Twitter for Your Blog – Guest Post By Suzie Speaks

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One of my biggest blogging regrets is that I completely underestimated the power of social media accounts when it came to promoting my blog. In particular, I avoided using Twitter at all costs – it seemed confusing and unnecessary. And what on earth could a hashtag do for me? Besides, if I pressed the publish button enough, then people would certainly see my posts… right?


Since setting up and developing my Twitter account, over a year after starting the blog, it has been responsible for driving tens of thousands of extra views to my posts and about 90% of my blogging business and review opportunities have come from there. I’ve created the biggest blogging hashtag of the weekend – #SundayBlogShare – which thousands of bloggers participate in every week. It’s given me the chance to connect with bloggers from all over the world and, as someone who uses WordPress, it allows me to interact with those who are using different platforms. I’ve also used it to publicise my other social media accounts and get lots of referrals to my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

For me, Twitter is the same as writing a Facebook status, with the exception of adding a link and then boosting the post with hashtags and retweet accounts. It’s quick and simple to use, and yet I get daily emails and messages from bloggers who are frustrated and confused about how to utilise its features for maximum impact.

Here’s the exciting news – I’ve created a Five-Day Mini Twitter Starter Kit for new and more experienced bloggers who want to learn more about this amazing resource. Over the five days (of which all the information is collated into one course that can be completed at your leisure), you can learn about how to set up an effective profile, which hashtags to use, how to incorporate retweet accounts, how to participate in chats and link-ups and ideas on how to grow your following and increase engagement to your blog! There are small tasks to complete with screenshots of examples and it’s written in a simple format without the use of tech-savvy vocabulary.

And the best bit? It’s available to purchase for an absolute bargain at $30, only until Sunday 20th November! You aren’t going to get this level of information anywhere else at this price!

You can purchase the course from my Teachable School here:


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