#Glimpses – The Short Story Lineup

I’m jumping with joy because I’d like to announce that Glimpses, my first collection of short stories, is now available to pre-order on Kindle.

Glimpses - The new book of some of my short stories. Publication Date: Paperback: Thursday 1st December 2016. Kindle: Tuesday 6th December 2016
Glimpses – The new book of some of my short stories. Publication Date: Paperback: Thursday 1st December 2016. Kindle: Tuesday 6th December 2016.

The Kindle version of Glimpses will be available to download from Tuesday, 6th December 2016 and is now available to pre-order. Click on the links below to pre-order.

Amazon UK      Amazon.com

The paperback version of Glimpses will be available to buy on Amazon from Thursday, 1st December 2016.

The book is made up of 28 short stories, many of which have been rewritten for the book; some with different endings to those previously published on my blog.

Here’s the complete lineup with a synopsis for each of the stories that will appear in the book.

01. Last Train To Aldwych

Genre: Ghost

A journey on the London underground takes Grace Simmons to an annual encounter with a ghost she always meets at Aldwych Station on the same date every year. However, with the prospect of further meetings never being able to take place, Grace must ensure that this final meeting is one where she and the ghost will never part.

02. Welcome To The Hotel Of Change

Genre: LGBT

Mark and Jeff are on holiday and arrive at the same hotel they’ve been visiting for many years. Mark, who dislikes change of any kind, is both shocked and sad to see that everything at the hotel has changed. However, it’s not only the hotel that has changed.

03. Silent Night

Genre: Horror

It’s Christmas Eve and Lucy is on the run from a creature that has killed her boyfriend and friends. As the creature catches up with her, can a weapon from an unlikely source stop the creature in its tracks?

04. The Bridegroom

Genre: Drama

Part one of a four-part murder mystery. Jonathan finds it difficult to concentrate on the day ahead. Will Matthew, his best man, ensure Jonathan makes it to the church on time?

05. The Wedding Dress

Genre: Drama

Part two of a four-part murder mystery. Sarah has seen the perfect wedding dress for her upcoming marriage to Jonathan and takes every opportunity to wear it before her big day. However, a dark secret threatens to ruin her day.

Hugh W. Roberts reading his new book Glimpses

06. The Stag Party

Genre: Drama

Part three of a four-part murder mystery. It’s Jonathan’s stag night and Matthew has arranged the perfect weekend for a group of their friends to celebrate in Brighton. The following morning, Jonathan is feeling guilty, but is he really regretting what happened the night before?

07. Mother Of The Bridegroom

Genre: Drama

Part four of a four-part murder mystery. Maria Taylor sits patiently at home waiting for an important delivery. Having found out that her husband has been unfaithful to her, she seeks nothing but revenge.

08. Blackout

Genre: Comedy

Ethan Evans thinks he may be dead, but an angel appears before him and tells him something he’ll find embarrassing for the rest of his life.

09. The Truth App

Genre: Science Fiction

A group of unsuspecting bloggers become the victims of a terrifying new app that threatens to wipe out humanity from Planet Earth. In a rush against time, the son of one of the bloggers does all he can to ensure the app is wiped from the face of the planet. However, somebody is out to stop him and they have a mysterious power helping them.

10. The Rose Wish

Genre: Science Fiction

Bryan and Marcus unearth a strange metal box that has an odd inscription on the inside of its lid. Not taking their find seriously, the two young men travel back in time and come face to face with a shocking secret.

Hugh W. Roberts reading his new book Glimpses

11. Rusty

Genre: Drama

Rusty and Richie start arguing inside the dressing room of a nightclub where Rusty is due to go on stage and perform. Richie does all he can to try and persuade Rusty that her days of cabaret have come to an end. However, Rusty is having none of it and will do anything to remain a star of the stage.

12. Gloria’s Chest

Genre: Fantasy

Come and meet Gloria, who wants to take you on a journey that you’ll never forget. Some of you may even make a return visit, but don’t forget to bring Gloria a certain gift as, without it, you may never actually meet her.

13. The Easter Bunny

Genre: Horror

Denise makes the biggest mistake of her life when she promises Daphne, her young daughter, an Easter Bunny soft toy and an Easter egg. Daphne is not at all happy with what the Easter Bunny brings her and, after taking revenge, visits the shopkeeper who unwittingly allowed the terrifying events to unfold.

14. Needles

Genre: Horror

A trip to the surgery of Dr Sinhah to undergo dental and eye treatment is the beginning of a horrifying nightmare for Deborah. She may have had a wonderful holiday out of the money she has saved herself, but something terrifying from the surgery she’s had travels back home with her.

15. D-Day: Tuesday, 6th June 1944

Genre: Science Fiction

Stuart Blackburn is sent on a mission to the beaches of Normandy, France, during World War Two. He’s failed the mission several times and this is his last attempt to get things right. Will he succeed this time?

Hugh W. Roberts reading his new book Glimpses

16. I Believe In Father Christmas

Genre: Supernatural

On Christmas Eve, a young boy faces dire consequences for telling his little sister that there is no Father Christmas. What happens to him during the night, is something he’s going to have to live with for the rest of his life.

17. What If Summer Never Arrives?

Genre: Fantasy

Three of Mother Nature’s daughters are not happy. Their sister, Summer, has failed to show up in the northern hemisphere. However, when a human contacts the family to complain, Mother Nature is prepared to give Summer a second chance, much to the dismay of her other daughters.

18. The Fence

Genre: Science Fiction

When asked to fix a hole in the garden fence by his wife, Neil discovers a strange new world that contains a mysterious young girl. She’s terrified of something on her side of the fence and Neil has to make an immediate trip through the hole to try and save her. However, not everything is as it seems in this strange new world and Neil now faces something shocking he needs to get both he and the girl away from. Will he be able to save them both and make it back to the other side of the fence?

19. Lipstick

Genre: Horror

Amy is delighted when she saves some money by buying her favourite lipstick from an online auction site. Plagued by some bugs, which Amy takes great delight in squashing with her stiletto-heeled shoes, nature is about to turn the tables on an unsuspecting Amy.

20. Ticket to ‘Where’

Genre: Science Fiction

Annie Campbell buys a mysterious rail ticket out of some money left to her by her late husband. Boarding the train, she has no idea where she is heading and a mysterious ticket inspector is of no help in telling her what to expect. But what lies ahead for Annie is the romance and love she so desperately misses. Is she about to find happiness again?

Hugh reading Glimpses

21. The Gingerbread House

Genre: Horror

Two children get the chance to bake their mother the perfect birthday cake. Taken from a recipe book, the gingerbread house proves a huge success at the birthday party. But, the perfect birthday is about to turn into a terrifying nightmare.

22. The Tower

Genre: Drama

Marcia Dumplin believes she’s an international movie star. On the set of a new horror movie, directed by Fred Dinnick, who does everything he can to satisfy his leading lady, the upcoming director shows Marcia the scenery for her final scene of the movie. What will Marcia’s reaction be?

23. Marcia Dumplin’s Biggest Hit

Genre: Drama

Marcia’s back and, this time, Fred Dinnick takes his leading lady to the location of his next big movie. However, even before filming begins, an unsuspecting Marcia is about to have her biggest hit on her hands.

24. Angels Of Heaven And Hell

Genre: Thriller

Marco finds himself at a car boot sale on a wet Sunday morning. Olivia hasn’t sold anything for over an hour. Can she persuade Marco to buy a painting off her that has brought her nothing but bad luck?

25. War Of The Roses

Genre: Science Fiction

Aubrey is deeply in love with Professor Huntley, who has grown a new species of rose which he has named after her. She desperately wants the professor to fall in love with her, but his love comes with a shocking consequence.

Hugh W. Roberts reading his new book Glimpses

26. The Cake Decorator

Genre: Thriller

Edna Butterwick’s new cake decorating class proves to be the perfect place for Mary, However, Edna becomes concerned when Mary fails to turn up for the final class and is totally unaware that she’s helped Mary in more ways than she thinks.

27. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

Genre: Supernatural

Have you ever wondered what the last thing you’ll see before you die will be and if there really is a life after death? Come on a journey with somebody who can provide you with surprising answers.

28. The Library

Genre: Science Fiction

Set in the future, a teacher takes her pupils to a library, where she reveals the truth behind the disappearance of trees.

There will be lots happening for the launch of the book including a competition to win some great prizes.

Watch this space for more details.

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175 thoughts on “#Glimpses – The Short Story Lineup

  1. First of all, I hope my books someday have the same effect on my readers. I love seeing the reading faces! Next, I would invite you to join in the Mystery Thriller Week coming in February. I carefully perused the list to make sure there was a thriller in the bunch and low and behold I found it. So you will totally qualify. This is an opportunity to have readers, fans, reviewers, interviewers, and other blog and web entities take a look at your books. Come to http://www.mysterythrillerweek.com and join us. We need your amazing short stories. We only have one other short story author and it too has a variety including a mystery. Congratulations on the upcoming release! Come see what all the fuss is about at http://www.mysterythrillerweek.com.

    1. Thank you so much for your invite to Mystery Thriller Week. I’ve just been over to the site and have followed. I look forward to finding out what it’s all about.

      Yes, I did enjoy taking those photos. I’ve been asked for more: maybe once I see the sales figures for Glimpses? 😱

      1. Sign up! We have some wonderful things to share in the coming weeks and a special present for the charter members that sign up before December 15th. 🙂 Yes!! More photos!

  2. Yipee! Yahoo! Yay! A huge congratulations to you Hugh! How wonderful it must be to see all your hard work, a labor of love I’m sure, compiled in such a smart looking book. Hope you’re celebrating big time!! 🙂

  3. So excited for you, Hugh. There you are, holding a copy of you first book in your hands. You beat me to it, but so well deserved. From blogging to book, you have come very far and I look forward to getting myself a copy – but next year, though, since life is hectic for me til the end of the year. I want to sit back and enjoy your book 🙂

    What a teaser. Some of the short stories I’ve read, like the Truth App and Gloria’s chest, but I’m certainly looking forward to re-reading them and reading the reworked versions. Always nice to rework pieces because it helps us see our work in another light, and making it much more tighter. Also, the title is so apt with the cover arts. And your face too in these photos. It is like you are glimpsing into your book and can’t believe what you read 🙂

    1. Thank you, Mabel. I was so lucky with the cover art. Another blogger put me in touch with the artist and I was delighted with the idea he came up with. Honestly, you don’t want to know what ideas I had, but I feel in love with the cover as soon as I saw it.

      Many of the stories have been rewritten (some with slightly different endings) and I do hope you will enjoy reading them again. The journey I have taken in writing the book has been amazing. I’ve learned so much, but could not have done it without all the support and encouragement from you and all my other fellow bloggers. You’ve been amazing with the feedback and I’d certainly not be publishing a book if it wasn’t for all my friends on here.

      Look out for a competition I’ll be launching with the book. It will run for three months and is open to everyone (except mt family). I’ve some great prizes up for grabs.

      The photos were a last minute idea, but I had great fun taking them. They seem to have become quite a hit with many of you. 📸

      1. “The journey I have taken in writing the book has been amazing.” It is always about the journey, and you’re so spot on. All of us are certainly cheering you on, and launch day is not far away. You deserve it, from humbly starting your blog to writing more and more, and now a book out.

        I will look out for the competition. It is always so much fun to be around your blog, Hugh. Best wishes for the exciting times ahead 🙂

  4. Congratulations, Hugh! This is very exciting. The expressions on your face tell just how exciting. What a wonderful eclectic collection of stories, and just in time to make a great Christmas present. I wish you many sales and appreciative readers.

  5. Not long now Hugh! I remember when we first met through blogging like it was yesterday, and as I scrolled down your post, I realised I’ve read just about every one of your stories. Where has the time gone? And of course, since then, we’ve met at the bloggers bash and kept in touch. What’s different is, you’re about to publish your very first book, and I’m still working on my memoir revisions! I’m chasing that finish line though! So happy for you my friend, you must be over the moon 🙂 I’ll share this as I promised earlier to let everyone know about the pre-ordering. I’m holding out for the paperback – signed, preferably, hint, hint 😉 Also, don’t forget, if you need another guest post, I would be honoured. I read from your reply to Helen above you have some lined up, but let me know what I can do. Huge hugs of congratulations to you once more and wishing you every success with your book launch 🙂 xxx
    PS Here’s hoping my comment does what it’s supposed to do…

    1. Hi, Sherri. I’m 🎉 because your comment came straight through. Thank goodness the spam monster has released you. I’m so pleased to hear it all got sorted out.

      Wow, doesn’t time fly? I can’t believe that all these 28 short stories have been written since Feb 2014. However, I have rewritten some of them, so be prepared for some new shocks. 😱 I’d be delighted to send you a signed copy. Email me your address and I’ll see to it.

      Thank you so much for saying you’ll share the details for Glimpses. Come Dec 1st, the link to buy the paperback version should also be showing on Amazon. It’s a shame Amazon doesn’t offer Authors the option of pre-order for paperbacks. Once you press that publish button, the book goes on Amazon within 24 hours. With Kindle, there’s the option of setting a date for publication.

      I hope the memoir writing is going well? You’ll be surprised just how quickly that finishing line comes into view. I’ll certainly be in touch about a guest post (if that is OK). I do have a number of interviews lined up so I think I am going to separate them out over the coming months. I’ve also got a competition lined up for the launch of the book. You think that’s it when you finish writing that book, but there is so much more to think about. 😀

      Thanks so much for all your support, Sherri. I really do appreciate it.

      1. Thanks Hugh…I’m so glad too, it slowed me right down, again…. But here I am and able to comment, phew! Oh that’s so kind of you, thank you so much, I’ll email… and re the guest post, I’m glad you have interviews lined up but just let me know when you want to guest post at the Summerhouse. If you’re okay waiting until after Christmas, that suits me better and keeps your visibility going through to the new year and beyond! I can’t wait to share your book with my readers 🙂 And a competition too…exciting! I think the writing of the book is just the beginning from what I’ve seen. And speaking of which, I need to get on with those revisions…keeping that finish line in straight view! Glad to help Hugh, always…and thank you so much for your ongoing support of my writing too! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂 xxx

        1. Hi, Sherri. Doing an interview after Christmas and The New Year is perfect. The competition I will be running, when the book is officially launched, will run for three months, so the more exposure the better. 😀 Thank so much for that.
          Have a brilliant weekend.

        2. Excellent, that sounds like a great plan Hugh. I really look forward to featuring you on my blog, gives me a great incentive for the New Year. It will tie in perfectly with your competition too…win win! Thank you…you too! xxx

  6. Thrilled for you, Hugh! And what a fab-sounding collection of stories 🙂 Will be sharing this far and wide once it’s out, let me know if you’d like a guest post xx

    1. Cheer’s Helen. Yes, I’ve some guest posts lined up, but I’m always looking for more. Once the paperback is available (Dec 1st) it will be all systems go. Now I know what’s it like for all you authors out there. Loving it, though. ☺️

  7. Congratulations! Beautiful cover and, wow, you can really write a synopsis. Those are so intriguing. I think a lot of authors (ok, maybe just me) struggle with those. Good luck with the launch! 🙂

      1. Argh. Yes. The blurb was more difficult to write than any of the stories in my book. Excruciating process. I just assumed, with these fab ones you have for your stories, you were able to write the blurb easily.

  8. 28?! Wow, Hugh, that’s an awesome list, with several of my ‘favourites’ that I’ve read on the blog (but I know you’ve said above that you’ve changed them up, which is also a treat). I’m delighted to see the haughty starlet Mrs. Dumplin re-appear, and the hole in the fence story, and several others that I’m excited to jump into and forget the current world around me. 🙂 I’m glad to see you’ve written a lot of horror and SF with this collection, and I honestly feel like 28 stories is a ‘steal’, Hugh! Nonetheless, I’m excited for you and all the hard work you’ve put into this, and not only with posing for all the funny photos^^^. Many best wishes for you moving forward, Hugh. I’ll do my best to leave an Amazon review as soon as I’ve delved into these stories.

    1. Hi, Leigh. Thank you very much. Some of the stories are very short, short stories, so I thought 28 would be great value for the reader. I couldn’t resist putting Marcia Dumplin in the collection. In fact, she insisted, so I did not have much of a choice. 🤔 ‘The Fence’ is one of my earlier stories which many people won’t have read before. So pleased you mentioned it as that tells me it stuck in your mind.

      I can’t tell you how excited I am at almost reaching that finishing line. It’s been a long writing journey, but an incredible writing journey. Maybe I should write about it? 🤔

      Thank you for all your support and encouragement in getting these 28 stories to print. I really do appreciate it.

      1. Yeah, I definitely remember “The Fence,” Hugh. It’s the first (or close to it) fiction I ever read by you, and I liked it a lot. As I said, I’m excited you’ve revived so much of what I’ve read as well as the loads of new stuff. I can’t wait for Dec. 1 so I can get my ‘real’ copy ordered (sorry, I don’t have a functioning Kindle)! Rock on, Hugh!

        1. Oh, no problem about the Kindle, Leigh. To be honest I’ve found myself going back to the paperback. Something about having that book in your hands. So far I’m on the only one with a copy (the proof), but I’m looking after it as if it were a piece of gold. 😀

  9. Congratulations dear Hugh! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to get stuck into the book. I have loved your short stories and know I am in for a treat!
    The photos are great too. xx

    1. Thank you so much. Just goes to show what a crazy 5-minutes with the camera can do. Those photos seem to be a hit.
      I hope you enjoy the stories. Watch out for some competitions coming up with the official launch of both books in a few weeks time.

  10. The cover looks amazing and the story line-up quite compelling, but really the suggested reactions one should feel whilst reading the book really make the pitch.


    I still shudder thinking about your Lipstick story as well as the Easter Bunny one. Glad to see they will be terrifying the masses as part of the collection.

    1. Thank you, Allie. Those reactions were more than to do with what I was reading, but keep that to yourself 😀

      Yes, those two stories stayed as they were, but others have been rewritten and may have a higher scare factor. 😱

  11. Hugh, I can see that Harrod’s teddy bear is as cute as you! Loved this post, your facial expressions had me in teddy bear stitches !!!! Can’t wait to read your book. Much happiness and success my friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Marje. I wonder if I’m as cuddly as the bear, though? 🤔 I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard that Harrods had called their 2016 Christmas bear, Hugh. Some say it’s a very good omen. I do hope so. 😀

      Thank you so much for reblogging this post and sharing the news. And thank you for laughing at those facial expressions. They seem to have gone down rather well with most. It was a mad moment I had, but it was great fun to do.

      Hope to see you on the bookshelf soon. I’ll let you know what it’s like once I get there. At least we know a lot of people already there.

      1. I do think it is the best of omens Hugh. Mr Cuddly Hugh! Yes, I hope I will be joinin you on the bookshelf soon but it looks more like 2017 for me… I’ll get there. It’s a pleasure to reblog your lovely news Hugh. 🙂

        1. Well, I look forward to welcoming you to the land of published authors, Marje. I hope they’ll let me in when I knock the door to the bookshelf.

          Oh! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 🎂 I hope cake is involved today? 😋

  12. Fantastic, Hugh! Judging by the ones I have read before this is going to be terrific. Best of luck! (I’ve never heard of advance in CreateSpace either, although she might be thinking about Amazon and its publishing sites. Although CreateSpace belongs to Amazon they are managed independently as far as I know).

    1. Thank you so much, Olga. Thanks for all your support and encouragement as well. The writing journey for my first book has been a real pleasure because of so many people like yourself.

      Being completely new to the publishing game I wasn’t sure about the advance from CreateSpace. I’ve heard of publishers giving an author an advance, but I wouldn’t have thought of it of Amazon. However, I could be wrong.

    1. Well, I’m pleased to hear they’ve made you laugh as well. They were fun to do and seem to be a bit of a hit amongst you. Needed a lie down after seeing the book on Amazon. Won’t be long before the paperback will also be available. Thanks for those writing prompts that produced some of the stories in the book. If it hadn’t been for you, then Amy Lushwick and her lipstick, and Rusty Balls would never have been created.

  13. I am downright excited for you! I can’t wait to get my copy. As I read through your list of stories, I instantly remembered quite a few such as : Rusty and Lipstick, and not to mention, The Truth App! Your stories have a way of lingering in people’s minds. I just proudly Pinned this post to my board ‘BOOKS OF AUTHOR FRIENDS’ ! XOXO

    1. That’s such a wonderful compliment about my stories, Debby. Thank you so much. I can’t believe that I can log onto Amazon and now see my book there 😳 Is it a dream? No, I’ve finally done it.
      Thank you for all the support and encouragement you’ve given me in getting this book together. Love from Rusty and me.

      1. You made the journey exciting Hugh, you’re a natural. And yes, I will always remember that thrill I got when I published my first book! Don’t even get me started about when I received my first order of paperbacks! Yes, there were tears of pride and joy! I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you once you receive yours. xoxo

        1. Oh yes. The paperback hasn’t even gone on sale yet and, unfortunately, CreateSpace don’t allow a pre-order option (like you get on Kindle), so I’m looking forward to that first sale of the paperback, Debby. Yet another reason to celebrate. Thank you. 🍾 😀

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