The #JohnLewis Christmas Advert #BusterTheBoxer

Every year I look forward to the John Lewis department store releasing their Christmas advert. After last year’s hiccup featuring an old man, living on the moon, spying on a young girl on Planet Earth, John Lewis has come up trumps with an advert that I’m sure everybody is going to love.

Featuring Buster the Boxer dog and a host of woodland creatures, this year’s Christmas advert also comes with a very well known soundtrack. Here’s the video, which you’ll need to log onto my blog in order to watch.

I hope everyone was able to view it.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty first and allow me to tell you three facts that concerned me about the advert.

  1. We see Bridget’s father putting up the trampoline in the back garden. Just before this, we see Bridget’s mother closing the curtains in Bridget’s bedroom. Given that Bridget’s bedroom is overlooking the garden, wouldn’t Bridget have heard all the noise her father was making in assembling the trampoline? I know that, as a child, I was never able to sleep on the night of Christmas Eve.
  2. Does it really only take one person to assemble a garden trampoline? I thought Bridget’s father did a great job, but he seemed to be struggling. My thoughts were that he would have had to ask for some help in putting that big trampoline up.
  3. Bridget was delighted that Father Christmas had brought her a trampoline, but how many young Children watching the advert would have wondered why it wasn’t Father Christmas who had brought and assembled it? Maybe it was Father Christmas that helped Bridget’s father assemble it? 🎅

Now on to the good points.

  1. The soundtrack sent shivers up my spine. These were shivers of sheer enjoyment rather than the ones that give you nightmares.
  2. Watching the two foxes arrive and investigate the strange object in the garden and going on to having a great time bouncing about was heartwarming and certainly brought a smile to my face. Even more so when the badger arrives and joins in the fun.
  3. I loved that it was only Buster The Boxer that saw what was going on in the garden and at how he gives a slight growl.
  4. Then we see that more woodland creatures have joined in the fun on the trampoline. A hedgehog and a squirrel get in on the act and we hear that slight cry of disappointment from Buster at not being out there to join in the fun.
  5. I was so pleased to see that Buster got his time on the trampoline. And, how I loved it when John Lewis cut the music at the right moment and brought in some humour when the next-door neighbour witnesses Buster bouncing up and down from over the garden fence. Brilliant!
  6. Isn’t the expression on Bridget’s face just the perfect classic look as she watches Buster on the trampoline? I could have melted looking at that face.

John Lewis has been known in the past to make people cry with their Christmas adverts. I’ve never cried, but I can see why Buster and his friends may end up bringing a few tears to some people’s eyes.

All in all, this year’s advert is a sheer joy to watch. It’s so good to see that John Lewis has got it right. Not only are they going to bring the magic of Christmas back to those that found last year’s Christmas advert a disappointment, but I believe they will once again be top of the Christmas advert charts.

The soundtrack, One Day I’ll Fly Away, performed by Vaults, can be purchased here.

You can also discover a whole host of other interesting facts about Buster The Boxer, his woodland friends, and the advert by visiting the John Lewis website.

Did you enjoy the advert? What did you like or not enjoy about it? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar to learn more about me and my blog.

104 thoughts

  1. I enjoyed the advert. I think you made a great point about Santa, though. A lot of parents may have to think pretty quickly to answer questions about why the father had been lumbered with the task. 🙂

  2. LOLLLLLL, it definitely takes more than one person to put up a trampoline – I know from experience! But I bloody loved the advert. Thanks for sharing I haven’t seen it yet.

  3. Thanks for sharing this on your blog, Hugh, otherwise I wouldn’t have got to see it. It is very cute, and the catch-phrase at the end is very fitting. I share your concerns about Dad putting up the trampoline in the backyard, and questions others children may ask. But maybe the gift was from the parents and not from Saint Nick. There was nothing to say it was from Father Christmas, was there? I loved watching the animals bounce, dreaming they were flying maybe. I’m not sure that Dad did a good job putting it up though. It’s a bit wobbly! 🙂

    1. Very true, Norah. I was just going back on my days as a young child and how I believed that everything on Christmas morning had been delivered and come from Father Christmas. I guess things have changed a lot now. I remember only a few Christmases ago being shocked when told by the 8-year-old son of a friend that there was no such thing as Father Christmas. I’m pretty sure I was at least eleven before things dawned on me. It was quite an eye-opening event hearing him tell me that on Christmas Eve. 😳

      1. The magic has gone. Sad. Your poor parents never got the thanks for the gifts they gave. There are many different ways of looking at the Santa myth. I’ve had a few interesting discussions about it on my blog in previous years.

  4. Oh I thought it charming.
    As for the details, it is like Father Christmas coming down the chimney, best not to worry about the details and physics or it all.

  5. That was adorable, Hugh! I’d never heard of John Lewis until now. The look on the boxer’s face, too, is priceless to me–and the little girl’s when Buster bolts out the door and gets to jump. I had my 6-year-old watch most of it with me (was drawn to the music, which is pretty!). I laughed a lot, and, believe me, Hugh, lots of us in the U.S. need levity this week. Thank you! 🙂

    1. I love the look on Bridget’s face when she sees Buster on that trampoline, Leigh. It’s a classic ‘melt’ moment, as I like to call them.

      I think this advert is going to appeal to just about everyone. I’ve had a few other comments from people who have said that their kids have also watched the commercial and that they too love it. I’m glad you enjoyed watching it and that it helped (a little) after this week’s events.

  6. Oh my goodness, I loved this video! The dog is adorable! Such joy in simple things! He was just like a kid in a candy store! Thank you for sharing! I had a good laugh and felt his joy! Wonderful job by the producer and editor. ❤️

    1. I think so as well, Janice. Apart from last year, The John Lewis Department store always comes up with a great TV commercial for the Christmas season. I can’t imagine what the budget is, but I imagine it’s massive.

  7. Such a beautiful one, again 🙂 Watched it with the kids and we had a lovely time, they were laughing so hard! Best antidote to the news!

  8. You sod I’m in floods. My first dog, there when I first became aware of animals was Punch the boxer and you stick that in front of me. Now what am I going to do all day?

  9. Thank you for sharing that with us. We will not be seeing it here in the US ordinarily. You must suspend reality to watch an advertisement. This one was well done and brought the required emotions from the viewing audience. I was stunned for a few minutes looking at the title of your blog. My last husband was John Lewis, his father from Crewe in the county of Cheshire, I realize it’s a common name but to see it pop up in my e-mail caused a moments pause. 🙂 Glad I got to stop by and watch. Many valid points there. They might have had Father Christmas putting it together with a little magic if children will be seeing it. Someone should suggest it but someone else may like the secular nature of the ad.

    1. I think you are right about the emotions the advert brings to us. You can’t help but feel that lump in your throat as you watch it.

      I worked with somebody by the name of John Lewis (although he did spell his name Jon, rather than John). I always thought how great it was to have a whole department store named after you, but he did get the odd bit of humour thrown his way. He took it all in his stride and certainly saw the humorous side of it.

      The comments have been great. Sometimes, they can be as good as the post itself. I always love to hear what people have to say and how they answer any questions I leave at the foot of each post.

      Thank you for joining in with the fun.

      1. It only takes on catch element, be it a dog, a song, whatever captures someone’s heart. 🙂 PS Hugh, I’ll be sending you questions for your guest post on Monday. 🙂 Happy weekend. ❤

  10. I used to work for Waitrose , John Lewis’s supermarket wing. I always love the adverts, even their insurance adverts… this is my favourite

    and my all time favourite Christmas is this one below for the lovely twist at the end.

    What do I like best about the new everything!

    1. I love them both, Willow. John Lewis may pay lots of money for their adverts, but (apart from last year’s Christmas advert) they always come up trumps (no pun intended).

      I love how their Christmas advert has developed into a Christmas tradition in the UK. Just about everybody seems to wait to see it.

      1. A New Christmas Tradition, I remember the staff announcement year ago that JL and W were having a firm handle their adverts we all though hey ho as the firm always moved so slowly and stuffily…well after a while we were all happily impressed!! xxxxxx

  11. Firstly, I loved the song, it also gave me shivers.
    I thought it was great to see the woodland creatures bouncing away having so much fun, and felt sorry for Buster.
    I didn’t cry though, as he got his turn! Thanks for sharing Hugh 💖💖

  12. OK, I LOVED it!!
    I didn;’t cry, but me and Lil Man already watched it twice over, and Sonu Singh was watching too!
    It reminds me of him looking out of the window, watching our neighbours cat in the garden! He’s a house cat so doesn’t really go outside whenever he wants!
    Buster’s expressions were ace! And when he went on the trampoline! Oh the joy!!

  13. Yay ! This one worked. Thanks for the fix. It is adorable, so worth the wait, Hugh. The first thing I thought of, besides the cuteness overload of those animals…was the additional home owner’s insurance costs ! Love that dog’s enthusiasm. ☺

    1. The Home Insurance Costs? Ha! Well, they do sell Home Insurance, so maybe, if they read this, that’s going to make them very happy to hear, Van.
      Thanks so much. Glad the video seems to be playable around our globe.

  14. I love the woodland creatures. Buster did not make me cry – he could be cut without any loss of effect. The advert feels far too long which wouldn’t be the case if the story was clearer. My tuppence!

  15. I love it but then we just got dog and love anything with dogs!! I really liked the penquin one, which was the first one I had ever seen. We don´t get them in Canada but we get British TV here in Spain. Thanks for sharing it and loved your comments. It did seem funny that no one noticed the animals on the trampoline. It looks like they cleaned up after themselves too. We always left the door unlocked for Santa, so what´s the problem?

    1. Sometimes, the comments can be better than the actual post, Darlene. 😀

      I’m glad you were able to play the video. Sometimes they don’t always work in certain countries outside of where they were made. The John Lewis Christmas advert has almost become something of a tradition here in the UK. Lots of people wait for ages for it. The penguin one was a huge hit for John Lewis.

      Now, when it comes to how does Santa get into our houses then I think we have quite a debate on our hands. When my book comes out (not long to wait now), I wonder if you’ll be leaving the door unlocked for him after you’ve read my story ‘I believe in Father Christmas’. 🎅 😱

  16. It did make me cry Hugh and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I LOVE it!
    I loved how mum was busy in the kitchen as dad struggled with the trampoline. She glanced out, smiled and carried on… preparing a meal, sorting out washing, doing the ironing and decorating the kitchen.
    I think the pressy was from mum and dad and not Santa. Mums and dads get left out on the present front. Also, there may be some new legislation that Santa can no longer break into your house/garden and leave presents. In fact. I have had parents tell me that they don’t encourage Santa as it’s lying to the kids.
    What a sad world we live in, hey? I still believe in Santa and he breaks into our house every year.
    Thanks for sharing Hugh and I will look forward to seeing it on telly. x

    1. I knew it would set a few heartstrings going, Dorne. My niece will cry buckets when she sees the advert. She always does. The John Lewis penguin advert from a few Christmases ago had her in floods of tears.

      I like what you say about Santa, but I always thought he had a magic key to get into every house? When you read one of the stories, ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’ in my upcoming book, it may make you think differently. Then again, maybe not. 🎅

      Thanks ever so much for your comments. Enjoy watching the advert over the coming weeks.

  17. It’s great – so much better than last years’s. Loved the expressions on Buster’s face and the sheer joy when he finally made it onto the trampoline. I’m sure you are right it would take more than one person to put up the trampoline, especially as dad really was struggling. I think he gave up and went in for a cup of cocoa and Santa finished the job off for him.

    1. Hi Van, thanks for letting me know. Wouldn’t you know it! I publish the post, go out, and then they delete it! Have another go. I found another one. The only problem may be that it won’t play anywhere outside the UK. If that’s the case then click on the John Lewis link towards the bottom of this post and see if it works from there. Fingers cross. 😀

  18. Haha, I love that! The animals are brilliant and Buster’s expressions as he bounces…too funny. Thanks for that Hugh, I hadn’t seen it but will be watching again, I think 😀

    1. I think they only released it yesterday, Cathy. I’m not sure when it’s due to air on the TV, but it may be tonight.
      It’s certainly a very heartwarming advert. John Lewis’ Christmas advert is fast becoming a Christmas tradition. I know many people who always look forward to seeing it.

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