The #JohnLewis Christmas Advert #BusterTheBoxer

Every year I look forward to the John Lewis department store releasing their Christmas advert. After last year’s hiccup featuring an old man, living on the moon, spying on a young girl on Planet Earth, John Lewis has come up trumps with an advert that I’m sure everybody is going to love.

Featuring Buster the Boxer dog and a host of woodland creatures, this year’s Christmas advert also comes with a very well known soundtrack. Here’s the video, which you’ll need to log onto my blog in order to watch.

I hope everyone was able to view it.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty first and allow me to tell you three facts that concerned me about the advert.

  1. We see Bridget’s father putting up the trampoline in the backย garden. Just before this, we see Bridget’s mother closing the curtains in Bridget’s bedroom. Given that Bridget’s bedroom is overlooking the garden, wouldn’t Bridget have heard all the noise her father was making in assembling the trampoline? I know that, as a child, I was never able to sleep on the night of Christmas Eve.
  2. Does it really only take one person to assemble a garden trampoline? I thought Bridget’s father did a great job, but he seemed to be struggling. My thoughts were that he would have had to ask for some help in putting that big trampoline up.
  3. Bridget was delighted that Father Christmas had brought her a trampoline, but how many young Children watching the advert would have wondered why it wasn’t Father Christmas who had brought and assembled it? Maybe it was Father Christmas that helped Bridget’s father assemble it? ๐ŸŽ…

Now on to the good points.

  1. The soundtrack sent shivers up my spine. These were shivers of sheer enjoyment rather than the ones that give you nightmares.
  2. Watching the two foxes arrive and investigate the strange object in the garden and going on to having a great time bouncing about was heartwarming and certainly brought a smile to my face. Even more so when the badger arrives and joins in the fun.
  3. I loved that it was only Buster The Boxer that saw what was going on in the garden and at how he gives a slight growl.
  4. Then we see that more woodland creatures have joined in the fun on the trampoline. A hedgehogย and a squirrel get in on the act and we hear that slight cry of disappointment from Buster at not being out there to join in the fun.
  5. I was so pleased to see that Buster got his time on the trampoline. And, how I loved it when John Lewis cut the music at the right moment and brought in some humour when the next-door neighbour witnesses Buster bouncing up and down from over the garden fence. Brilliant!
  6. Isn’t the expression on Bridget’s face just the perfect classic look as she watches Buster on the trampoline? I could have melted looking at that face.

John Lewis has been known in the past to make people cry with their Christmas adverts. I’ve never cried, but I can see why Buster and his friends may end up bringing a few tears to some people’s eyes.

All in all, this year’s advert is a sheer joy to watch. It’s so good to see that John Lewis has got it right. Not only are they going to bring the magic of Christmas back to those that found last year’s Christmas advert a disappointment, but I believe they will once again be top of the Christmas advert charts.

The soundtrack, One Day I’ll Fly Away, performed by Vaults, can be purchased here.

You can also discover a whole host of other interesting facts about Buster The Boxer, his woodland friends, and the advert by visiting the John Lewis website.

Did you enjoy the advert? What did you like or not enjoy about it? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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