Thursday Doors -What Would You Do If You Saw This Door?

As soon as I saw this door, I got all naughty and wanted to do something very silly. Can you guess what it was and do you think I actually did it?

Thursday Doors - November 3rd 2016

Leave your answers in the comments. But please keep them clean, otherwise, Norm may chuck me out of future challenges.

Posted for Norm’s Thursday Doors challenge. Come and join in the fun.

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119 thoughts

  1. I would probably just walk past. I see a lot of staff only doors at shopping centres and other places. I have never looked in (unless I was staff). I must have no curiosity. But you? Now there’s another question. Maybe, if I was wanting whatever service the staff was supplying, I would walk around the building until I found the door that was appropriate for customers. Would you?

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      1. You’re an angel Hugh, but, you’ve something with that door, rather than just walk past and ignore it. And now you tease us with the answer.
        I hope this will become another story. x


      2. My daughter was an angel in the nativity play and she appeared on stage with one side of her dress tucked into her knickers. There was a collective ‘oh how sweet’ when she turned around. I was one very proud mum trying not to smile or laugh too much.
        Bet you didn’t do that, or did you? x


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