Aberfan 1966

You left this world, 50 years ago today

Holding hands you travelled together

144 souls lifted by the light

Looking down at those who continue to suffer

Your lights shine on, through darkness and pain

We’ll sing our hearts out for your pleasure

Not only today will we remember your goodbyes

You’ll stay in our hearts forever


Written for the people of Aberfan

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118 thoughts

  1. This is so sad, Hugh. As a little American girl of 7, I didn’t hear of this tragedy at the time. It breaks my heart to think of the pain felt by those families, the community and nation, and those everywhere who understood the magnitude of the loss. 😦


    1. Hi Diana. I think this is one of the saddest posts I have published. We only lived 50 miles away from Aberfan and, being a little 4-year-old boy, I don’t remember the day it happened. I started school the following September and I do remember how, even then, my Mother was terrified at leaving me at school on my first day. I screamed for her, but she also cried for me as she left. It’s one of my first memories.

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  2. As a teenager at the time, I remember it well. It was one of those moments that brought home to me that, however young you are, death can be waiting around the corner. Aberfan was one of those happenings that kept haunting one for ages after.


  3. I remember this sad, sad day.. It is etched in my heart.. I was 12 at the time.. and remember crying as I watched on our black and white TV set.. I can not watch the video, and have had to go from the room when it has been on the TV such is the impact of it still..
    Such a tragedy And still I ask the question why it is so many children ALL over the world suffer.

    My heart and prayers to All and thank you for your beautiful poem and tribute Hugh.
    Sue xx


  4. I was only 15 when this happened so I don’t remember much though I remember hearing about it. How very tragic. All those lost souls, especially the children. Such sadness.


  5. Lovely words Hugh to commemorate such a tragedy….I remember seeing the pictures of the blackness and the slag heap it was all over the news and how shocked everyone was…A lovely tribute 🙂


      1. Thanks Hugh. It was good fun. I went to Cardiff University (1972-5) but didn’t really see a lot of South Wales. This time I travelled with my pal who is from the Rhondda and he had some surprises for me!


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