Book Cover Reveal – Glimpses By Hugh W. Roberts

Drum roll,  please.

Glimpses - The new book of some of my short stories. Publication Date: Friday 9th December 2016
Glimpses – The new book of some of my short stories. Publication Date: Friday 9th December 2016

I am so pleased finally to reveal the book cover for ‘Glimpses’, my upcoming book of short stories.

Why did I choose the name Glimpses for the book? Here’s an extract from the synopsis.

‘Glimpses’ allows the reader a peek into the lives of everyday people who are about to have life lead them on an unpredicted path. From a mysterious deadly iPad app, to a hole in the fence that is not all it seems, to a strange lipstick that appears to have a life of its own, you will encounter terror, laughter, sadness, shock and many other emotions on journeys which promise a thrilling and gripping climax.

Many of the stories inside the book come from writing and photo prompts and challenges set by some of you. So, thank you, Sacha Black, Sue Vincent, Jane Dougherty, Esther Newton and Charli Mills, for the prompts. Without you, some of the stories would never have been written.

Which stories will be in the book? There are 28 in all, and I’ll reveal the lineup soon.

Many of the stories have been rewritten for the book. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

Publication Date: Friday 9th December 2016.

© 2016 Copyright-All rights

182 thoughts on “Book Cover Reveal – Glimpses By Hugh W. Roberts

  1. Missed it!
    Totally missed by me!!
    But not too late to congratulate you, Hugh from the depths of my heart. This is really amazing as you have done an extra ordinary feat here. You must be feeling very much happy as this is something to be really really proud of.
    Congratulations once again!
    Cover is superb by the way. Loved it 🙂

        1. Ar, the term ‘Street Team’seems to be the new term for bloggers who are willing to spread the news about your new book over the World Wide Web, Eric. So, you can stay at home and have a cup of tea and a jaffa cake while helping. 😀

  2. Coming to this a little late – sorry, Hugh, I’ve fallen behind with my blog reading. Interesting cover. I was going to say it catches the eye… Then thought I might as well say it anyway.

    1. No problems at all, Graeme. I rather like posts being spread out when it comes to visits and comments. It keeps them active and alive.
      Eye, eye. I get your point. 😀
      Thanks for the thumbs up on my first cover.

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