Books, A Party, And The Night I Met An American Jelly Baby

Good news: I now have a book cover for my collection of short stories being published on December 9th. Bad news: I won’t be revealing it until later this week. I know, I’m a tease, aren’t I?

Other than for one of the stories in the collection, the final editing is done. Many of the stories have been rewritten (with the help of my Editor, Esther Newton) including that of ‘The Truth App’ which, as Sacha Black recently told me, is probably the story many of you will remember me for. I’ll be revealing both the name of the book and its cover this week. The countdown to publication day is now well underway. Will I end up on your bookshelf?

Book case

I am delighted to announce that I’ll be at the Llandeilo Christmas Book Fair on Saturday 10th, December. This will be the first place you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy of the paperback version of the book. The book fair is being organized by Christoph Fischer, author of ‘The Body In The Snow’ which I am currently reading. Full details of the book fair can be obtained by clicking on the link below. If you live in the area, then please do come along and say hello to me and over 30 other authors. Festivities are guaranteed.

Welsh Wednesdays: Llandeilo Xmas Book Fair Dec 10

The Body In The Snow - Christoph Fischer

Talking of books, my most recent purchase was ‘Winter Smith: London’s Buring’ by J. S Strange. Jack Strange was recently featured on Sarah Potter Writes, where he kindly left an extract of the book for Sarah’s Monthly Guest Storyteller feature (in which I had the pleasure of being featured earlier this year). It’s not often that reading an extract of a book will get me to buy it straight away, but this had me hooked and I purchased the book. If you’re a lover of Zombies, ‘Winter Smith: London’s Burning’ is a must buy (or put it on your Christmas list). Click on the link below to read the extract from the book and for links to buy it.

October’s Guest Storyteller: J. S. Strange

Winter Smith: London's Burning by J. S. Strange
Winter Smith: London’s Burning by J. S. Strange

With Halloween a few weeks away, I was delighted to read that blogger and book reviewer, Vicki Goodwin, has had two of her short stories included in an anthology. ’31 Days Of October: A Haunting Collection Of Halloween Tales’ is available to buy on Amazon and will thrill fans of Halloween. Want to know more and buy it? Check out Vicki’s post about the book by clicking the link below.

31 Days Of October: A Haunting Collection Of Halloween Tales

31 Days Of October: A Haunting Collection Of Halloween Tales

Talking of Halloween, you may recall that I was recently captured by the spam monster. Fellow blogger and author Debby Kaye was also captured. This could not have come at a worse time for Debby who was about to launch her new book ‘P.S. I Forgive You.’ However, I’m delighted to say that we were both eventually freed. Check out Debby’s new book and where you buy it by clicking on the link below.

Book launch: P.S. I Forgive You – New Book

P.S. I Forgive You by D.G. Kaye
Debby Kaye’s new book: P.S. I Forgive You

Moving on to blog posts, once in a while I can get captivated by a beautifully written post that has me thinking the author is writing about me! This happened recently when I read  ‘Every Piece Has A Story, written by Goerge at The Off Key Of Life. George described something which happens to me all of the time. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy blogging so much. It doesn’t matter that people can be thousands of miles apart and have never met because, every now and again, that thin thread that links us all will reveal itself. Want to know what George was describing? Check out his post by clicking on the link below.

Every Piece Has A Story

Did somebody mention a party? Oh yes, me! Sally Cronin is celebrating her third WordPress blogging anniversary on Saturday 15th October, and she’s throwing a blog party to celebrate. You’re all invited. Full details can be obtained by clicking the link below.

Smorgasbord 3rd Anniversary Party – Saturday 15th October – Your invitation 

What’s the saying? ‘You don’t get if you don’t ask.’ Well, that’s true of me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been one to ask. So when Steve, at Steve Says… recently asked me if I’d like to write a monthly feature for his blog, I couldn’t resist and gladly accepted his very kind invitation. ‘The Night I Met An American Jelly Baby’ is my first post over at Steve’s. “Bonkers” is what my fellow Bloggers Bash committee member Ali Isaac called it. And you know what? She’s right! Check it out by clicking the link below. And if you want to leave a comment about my encounter with the American jelly baby, then you’re welcome to leave it there.

Hugh Says…The Night I Met An American Jelly Baby

That’s it from me, but don’t forget to keep a look out for the cover reveal later this week. Have a great week.

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84 thoughts

    1. Hi Marje. I had to save your comment from the WordPress spam folder. I hope you haven’t been captured.

      Yes, I’m delighted that I’ll be doing my first book fair (as an Author) the day after ‘Glimpses’ is published. The book is being formatted on Monday. Once that is finished, it’s ready for its debut on December 9th 😀

        1. Hi Marje. Christoph Fischer and his partner have offered to do the formatting for me. They only live about 45 mins away from me. Christoph is the organiser of the Llandeilo Book Fair which I’m participating in on 10th Dec. When they offered, I had no hesitation in saying ‘yes’. 😃

        2. I know you can hire people to do it for you, Marje. I don’t know what the cost is, though. I’ll be sitting down with Ryan while he does the formatting so that I, at least, have an idea of how it is done.

  1. I’m so excited for you, Hugh, and selfishly, for me. I can’t wait to see what stories you’ve chosen, which ones I’ve read on the blog or which I haven’t, the story order, the cover, and everything. I’ve got Dec. 10 (correcting it to the 9th) on my calendar and, despite my age, I’m wishing the months away! Many congratulations in advance; I’m itching to place my order and help, in my own tiny way, promote your book this side of the pond. On another note, I loved the Jelly Baby story, too. I’d never heard that used, other than by Tom Baker, and I am pretty sure he wasn’t referring to people! I always presumed it was a candy and, as such, maybe a side reference to marijuana, considering the era and so forth. Shows you what I (don’t) know. You’re right; there are some differences from AnEng to BritEng that confuse the heck out of each people, going both ways, so to speak. And don’t even get me started on a meditation about “freeway” and what it means to be free in America, historically (i.e., a landowning, straight white male!). Well, off on a tangent there, but just stopping in to cheer you on, from across the pond/freeway/motorway. 🙂 Stay cheerful, my friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Leigh.

      Only one of the stories has never appeared on my blog. However, many of the ones that have appeared have been rewritten (including The Truth App). My editor has been fantastic in not only helping me develop some of the stories even more but also in giving me advice about which order the stories should appear in the book. I’m so over the moon with the cover. If I saw it on a shelve, I’d certainly pick the book up. George, my cover designer, had to put up with a lot of changes from me, but he also gave me his expertise in what he thought would work best. I had some weird ideas at first, which he quickly pointed out were not particularly good and he gave me very good reasons why.

      I don’t know what planet I was on when I wrote the Jelly Baby story. I think what prompted the story was being told in some feedback by a judge in a short story competation (hosted in your part of the world), that she had marked me down for using the word ‘motorway’ instead of ‘freeway’! I’ll be honest and say that it put me off entering any more writing competations held in the States, so I tend now to just enter ones hosted in the UK. No luck, as yet, but I’m still entering stories in the hope that the first win will come.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for all your support, Leigh. I really do appreciate it very much.

      1. Are you kidding me? The judge “judged” you for saying motorway! If the story you entered was set in England, motorway was correct. What a twit.
        That’s the kind of thing that stays in your head, isn’t it? Well, at least you got a story out of it 🙂

  2. Brilliant, fun and informative post Hugh. A smorgasbord packed post. And ahem, thank you so much for the mention of my newest labour of love! September was a challenging month, and I’m still in communicato with Askimet as I still seemed to be thrown into some people’s trash :(. I cannot wait for your new book, and I plan on having it on my shelf, not just my kindle so you better be making print copies! And I can’t wait to see the cover reveal.! I’m taking off for a 3 day jaunt to the US for a welcomed getaway this weekend, but I’m taking my laptop (against my initial decision) so I can visit Sally’s bash. See you there! xo ❤ Now I'm off to read your article.

    1. Hi Debby. Good news is that this comment did not end up in my spam folder. It was in the right place – awaiting approval by myself. I prefer to moderate and approve all comments on my blog. That way I can correct spelling mistakes, remove the occasional swear word and also those comments where there is nothing but ‘Please visit my blog” and then a link to said blog – Grrrrr!

      I’m so sorry to hear you’re still having problems with some of your comments ending up in the trash folder on some blogs. I hope it gets sorted out for you soon.

      Yes, paperback version of the book will also be available. I want to hold that first copy in my hands (not just see it on a kindle or iPad). I’ll also have the paperback version on sale at the Book Fair.

      So you’re venturing over the boarder. I hope you don’t bump into that Jelly baby 😃 See you at Sally’s bash. I’ll have the champagne on ice 🍾

      P.S _ I got your comment from your Facebook account as well. It was also in the right place, but I’ll delete it because your original comment came through just fine.

      1. Thanks so much Hugh. I agree with your system to moderate. I do the exact same thing on my blog for same reasons. Although sometimes when are frequent commenters on blogs, we bypass the moderation. I don’t remember being moderated by you before but perhaps you’ve changed your system? It seems Sally told me some self hosted bloggers are still going to her spam. I’ve made note of that because I’m presently in investigation again with Askimet. Many times ‘in moderation’ means I’ve been dumped in spam, so sorry for being a pest but I’m trying to keep check where and when it happens.
        And of course you need to feel and smell your first child (book) in your hands! I still remember my first time and the tears of joy. ❤

        1. Hi Debby. No, I’ve always chosen to moderate all comments. I can tick a box in my blog’s settings and allow all comments to appear straight away from those that have commented before, but I had once had a rather nasty comment left by somebody who had commented before, so I chose to go back to moderating all comments. That way, nothing can get through without me saying so. The comment wasn’t directed at me, but at somebody else who had left a comment. It does mean more work, but I don’t mind that. After all, it keeps the blog safe and friendly. 😃

          Other than one further comment (because of what was written), nobody else has ended up in my spam folder; not even from those that self-host. Rest assured that I will let anyone (who should not be there) know if they do get captured by the spam monster.

        2. Thanks Hugh for explaining. Okay, so you previously allowed regulars to comment. I thought so. But best idea is what you’re doing now, and what I’ve always done, moderate all comments, exactly for the reasons you mentioned. Especially now with checking my spam every day, do I notice really how much slimey stuff gets in there. 🙂

  3. So much in this post!! Okay, one… AS IF you did that tease!!!!! Cannot wait to see the cover. two – of course you will be on my shelf!!! I hope you can get paperback from Amazon? and three – cannot wait to read DEbbys book – I need to get a move on. Sigh. So many books so little time.

    1. I wasnt finished… stupid phone! Just wanted to say I’m looking forward to seeing your book cover and title! And to reading your book of course, but your first book cover is so exciting! 😁

  4. I sat with George today (discussing upcoming book covers) and i tried threats, bribery, everything but he wouldn’t show me. He teased me about how good it was though. And as for the title, not even the merest hint…

      1. All is not too bad, thanks, Hugh 🙂 Been ill for the past week and a bit so just getting back to work now. Going through one of those phases where everything is waiting to happen, but nothing actually is. It will pass… 🙂 And in the meantime, I keep writing!

        1. Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, Helen. There’s a lot of colds and coughs already doing the rounds.
          Good to hear you’re still getting on with writing, though. Once my book is ready, I’ll be getting back to it.
          Take care.

    1. I know. When Christoph invited me to attend the book fair, I though a December publication date was a good idea. I’m not good with deadlines so wanted to give myself plenty of time to get the book ready without the stress. It’s worked. 😃
      Thanks, Annette.

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