What To Do If All Your Comments Are Ending Up In The WordPress Spam Folder

This happened to me and I wrote about it here.

Help poster

All my comments were ending up in the WordPress spam folders of the blogs I was leaving comments on. Unless the blogger checked their WordPress spam folder, they had no idea my comment was there.

Those that did check their WordPress spam folder, and un-spammed me, were my heroes. However, because WordPress deemed my comment to be spam, I got no email notification that my comment had been un-spammed and replied to. The only way I knew was by checking my notifications (that’s the little bell symbol in the top right-hand corner of your blog).

It didn’t help that WordPress had no Happiness Engineers available last week. I headed to the WordPress forums where I left a cry for help. I heard nothing!

Yesterday, I received an email from WordPress saying that my cry for help had been marked as spam on the forum! They fished it out of the spam folder and told me what I should do.

Here are those details.

Hi there, your post here was also caught. 😦

If those sites you refer to are on WordPressdotcom, then Akismet may have you flagged accidentally.

Please use the Akismet contact form at https://akismet.com/contact/ and enter the words “marked as spam”. Then fill out the form that appears on the lower half of that page to notify Akismet staff of the problem. Make sure you enter the email address that is associated with your WordPressdotcom username account.

I followed the instructions. Today, I’m pleased to say that my comments no longer seem to be ending up in the WordPress spam folders of the blogs I’m leaving comments on. Hooray! It looks as if I’ve been released by the WordPress spam monster.

Please, please, check your WordPress spam folder on a daily basis and un-spam any comments which may have ended up in there by mistake. Then contact the blogger who the comment came from and let them know that their comment ended up in your WordPress spam folder. Why? Because they may be unaware that some or all of their comments are ending up in the WordPress spam folders of the blogs they are leaving comments on.

Where is your WordPress spam folder?

  • Go to your blog’s dashboard.
  • Click on WP Admin.
  • In the left-hand side menu, click on Comments.
  • In the top left corner of the new page that opens, under Comments, the spam folder is the fourth one along. It will indicate how many items of spam are in the folder.

Comments dash board

I’ve heard this problem has affected a lot of bloggers over the last few months. It may affect you over the coming months, so keep a copy of this post.

Any questions? Leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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120 thoughts on “What To Do If All Your Comments Are Ending Up In The WordPress Spam Folder

  1. My replies to comments on my own wordpress website go to spam every time! I have to go in manually and remove them from spam and approve them for viewing. It’s very annoying. Happened a month or so ago and I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. Wonder if its related to this.

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  2. This happened to me twice. Both times they could not figure out why. I started with WordPress and then moved on to Akismet as well. The first time it was resolved within a day. The 2nd time it took longer and the only thing I was told was that they had made adjustments to my account and it should not be an issue any longer. So far so good, but when you don’t know why…there is always an underlying thought that it could happen again. 😉
    Good luck! 🙂


    1. Hi, Kim. You’re welcome. It seems to be a problem we all encounter. However, the latest problem where all your comments end up in the WordPress spam folders of those bloggers you left a comment for, is the worst of all. I’m just very pleased that WordPress sorted it out for me. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen to your comments. This comment came through just fine.

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    1. A couple of years ago? On my, looks like this problem has been around for a lot longer than I thought then, Suzanne.
      Good to hear they got it sorted out for you as well. It was very frustrating when it happened, especially given that the Happiness Engineers were all at a conference.


  3. I’ve been noticing this since April. I’m self-hosted and don’t use Akismet. Even my OWN comments to my own site are going into spam! Putting it out there, in case anyone else is in the same boat.


    1. Well, this comment ended up in the right place, Liz. It wasn’t in my spam folder.

      You need to report the problem to the company that hosts your site and to Akismet. Many bloggers who self-host have reported the same problem to both. If they don’t know it’s happening then they won’t know you’ve got a problem and be able to fix it for you.


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