Why I May Have Ended Up In Your Spam Folder

I’ve been taken hostage by the WordPress spam monster and, since Wednesday, all the comments I’ve been leaving on other blog posts seem to have gone straight into the spam folder.

Please check your spam folder and let me know if you find me in there. If you do, then please mark the comment as not spam. The spam monster will then release me and I’ll appear in the comments section of the post.

I first heard reports the WordPress spam monster had been taking hostages about a month ago. My understanding is that if it happens to you, you need to report it to WordPress. The problem at the moment is that all the WordPress engineers are at some conference and won’t be back until Monday 26th September. Therefore, whilst I will still be visiting and reading your blog posts, Β I won’t be leaving any comments until I know the problem has been sorted out.

If you do un-spam me, then I understand I can start leaving comments on your posts again. However, it’s probably best I don’t do that as I really have seen more than enough of the spam monster these past few days.

Has this problem affected your blog? What did you do to get it put right?

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