Look What They’ve Been Telling Me…

I haven’t officially announced that I’m back to blogging full time yet, but it seems I may have come back without knocking the door or ringing the doorbell.

Thursday Doors

On June 27th, I announced I was taking a break from blogging so I could concentrate on getting my short story collection ready for publication. Some of you have been asking me when the book is being published. Unless you follow me on FaceBook (where I’ve been announcing my progress), you won’t know how things have been going with getting the book ready for its world debut.

As of today, I am still on course to publish the book on Friday 9th December 2016. It’s currently with Esther Newton, my Editor, who is doing her final check on making sure I’ve erased all those mistakes and rewritten the parts she advised me to change. Working with Esther has been absolutely amazing and I can highly recommend the services she offers to all authors.

The cover for the book is making good progress and I hope to reveal it (along with the name of the book) sometime during the first half of October.

There will be the formatting and getting the book loaded onto Kindle and CreateSpace so a paperback version, as well as a download, will be available. Christoph Fischer and his partner have kindly offered to assist me with this process. I will forever be grateful to them in helping me as this is probably the part I was dreading the most. Christoph has just published a new book, The Body In The Snow, which is now available on Amazon.

The Body In The Snow - Christoph Fischer

However, back to blogging. Yes, I think I may have made my comeback and written a few new posts over the last few weeks. In case you missed them, I’m including the links to some of the blogging tips’ posts, as well as some very nice comments left on them.

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Comment from Erika Kind

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Comment from Debby Kaye

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Comment from Marianne Frontino McCreight

These are just a few of the comments left on my recent blogging tips’ posts. Thank you to everyone that reblogged and shared the posts across the world of social media.

So, am I back to full-time blogging? Well, that’s something I’ll leave you to decide.

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48 thoughts

  1. This explanation makes sense!I can’t wait to see your book! Please let me know if I can review it before your launch date. I should have taken the summer off to work on one of my eBooks. I did get one published on Amazon, which will be “relaunched” in two weeks! I am glad you are back to blogging…we missed you and I hope you eventually have time to offer your weekly photo challenge 😃


    1. That’s a very kind offer, thank you, Terri.
      As for the Photo Challenge, I’ve had to take the decision to leave it on the back burner, so to speak, at least until after the book is ready. I’ll probably disappear again once the book is back from its final check so that I can tie up all those loose ends. This time next month, I hope all the work will be complete.

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  2. It’s never a quick process, is it, Hugh? You did the right thing in dropping out of blogging for a while though. Much as we all love having you around, sometimes you need to be selfish – then you can give more of yourself later!


  3. Welcome Hugh. And how wonderful Christoph is helping you with the intimidating process of publishing your first book. ❤ (PS. I'm thinking weirdpress won't load this comment so if you see it from another log in like FB it won't show me your reply, so don't think I'm ignoring you, lol)


    1. Hi Debby. The good news is that your comment has shown up and has not gone into my WordPress spam folder.

      As you know, I’m experiencing the same problem with any first comment I leave on any blog post going into the spam folder. I can’t even report the problem to WordPress because their Happiness Engineers are all away until Monday! Typical this should happen when they are not available.

      Liked by 1 person

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