The Right Choice – #writephoto

Stacey and Carl were never seen again after entering these ruins.

Thursday Photo Prompt by Sue Vincent at The Daily Echo
Credit: Sue Vincent


24-hours earlier.

“So, Stacey and Carl, is it to be the killer bees or the old broken ruins? The choice is yours, but you only have twenty seconds to make up your mind as to which one you will face.”

While the audience cheers, the clock counts down.

19 – Stacey looks at Carl.

18 – “What should we do?” she asks.

17 – The sweat on Carl’s forehead starts to sting his eyes.


15 – Carl finds himself frozen to the spot.

14 – “I can’t face bees, Carl. They terrify me.”

13 – Carl starts to feel sick.

12 – “The bees or the broken ruins?”

11 – “Which one should we you choose, Carl?”

10 – Carl looks at Stacey, but can’t open his mouth.


08 – Carl looks up at the broken ruins.

07 – “The ruins?” asks a terrified Stacey.

06 – Carl nods his head.

05 – “Are you sure?”

04 – Carl thinks he hears the first sound of the killer bees approaching.

03 – Carl grabs Stacey’s hand.

02 – “Now!” He pulls Stacey with him.

01 – They start the climb towards the ruins.

Zero – The sound of a gong. The audience cheers.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, our contestants have made their choice. Will they find the million pounds prize inside those broken ruins? Have they made the right choice? We’re about to find out.”

A few moments later.

“I think we made the right choice, Carl. Look. It seems safe in here and there’s no sign of the bees. Look for the money. They said it would be in a brown leather case.”

Carl soon spots a case and points it out to Stacey. The audience goes silent.

“WE’VE DONE IT! screams Stacey, as she ran towards the case and lifts it up. Triggering the trap, the floor of the broken ruins opens up and both plunge to their deaths. The audience gasps and are shocked…but not for long.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, that means next week’s prize money rolls over to…two million pounds.”

The audience cheers.

“Now, without further ado, let’s welcome today’s special guests…The Killer Bees, who are here to sing their new single which is being released tomorrow.”

The audience cheers more as the band comes out on stage, holding a brown leather case, and begin singing their new song, ‘The Right Choice.’


Written in response to Sue Vincent’s The Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto – Over at The Daily Echo.

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