How To Instantly Get More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

Here’s a little trick that will instantly get more traffic to your WordPress blog if, like me, you prefer to get notification emails whenever a blog you follow publishes a new post.

  • Go to your blog’s dashboard
  • On the lefthand side menu, click on WP Admin
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Where to find WP Admin on your blog’s dashboard
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Reading’
  • Next to ‘For each article in a feed, show’ click the ‘Summary’ box.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.34.33

  • Click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page

Now, whenever you publish a new post, instead of the whole post being visible on the email (which followers can read without visiting your blog), they will need to click on the link in the email to be able to view and read the whole post on your blog. This will register as a new view in your blog stats.

Here’s an example of an email I get from WordPress when Suzie, at Suzie Speaks, publishes a new blog post. She already uses the above method.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 15.59.40

As you can see, I have to click on the ‘Read more of this post’ link to be able to read the whole post.

There are many blogs I follow where I can read the whole post on the email without having to visit their blog.

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195 thoughts

    1. If I can read the whole post in the email and don’t have anything to say in the comments, then I don’t need to visit the blog, Colline. However, if I do want to comment then I would have to visit and it would then register as a visit. However, this simple change means that anyone wanting to read the whole post would have to visit the blog to read it all. I still get lots of WordPress email notifications where I can read the whole post in the email. No need to visit the blog unless I want to comment. 😀

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      1. True. However, I’ve now stopped using the like button just to show that I’ve visited. Unless I’ve actually read a post and really enjoyed reading it, then I no longer press the ‘like’ button. Perhaps a great subject for another post?


  1. Hi A good tip. I think it all depends on the template of the newsletter your use. I use Mailpoet and just has a link to the post and blog, so unable to read post in email.


    1. This tip only seems to apply to those that have blogs. I’m not sure if there is a plugin for those that have self-hosted sites where they can change the settings so that email notifications only show part of the post. I use Yahoo for my emails and pleased to say that the emails I get from bloggers you have changed the setting in their dashboard only show part of the post. It will certainly depend on which template you use for email.


  2. This is an absolutely brilliant tip, Hugh! I have already made the change in my setting. I can’t wait to ‘test out’ the results!


  3. Interesting, Hugh. I’ll have to check that out. When I publish my posts, I add the “break line” which prompts the tag “read more”, so people have to click on that to read the post on my blog and, it keeps the blog entries on my main page shorter. I think this is also how it shows up in emails, with the “read more” link in there.


    1. The ‘break line’ method was also mentioned by another blogger when I first published this post, Liesbet. I had no idea what it was until she told me, but I can confirm that it does show up in the emails. However, do you have to remember to keep adding a page break in each post?

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  4. This is interesting, because just the other day I was going through my settings and paused when I stumbled upon this particular one. It doesn’t say anything about the emails. It just says the “feed”, and I’ve read that views in the Reader now count towards your stats. (I still prefer to visit people’s sites and read their stuff there, because some of the formatting is lost in the “Reader” version.) Thanks for the suggestion.


    1. It also works for the email notifications. I can often read whole blog posts from the email, giving me no reason to visit the blog. However, the formatting of the emails can look awful, so I think it’s yet another good reason to change this setting. I don’t use the WP reader because I was always finding myself trying to get to the top of it and never being able too. However, I do like that WordPress now merge posts together on the WP Reader when those bloggers who publish more than one blog post every couple of hours go ‘trigger happy’ on the publish button.

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