Harry Potter v The Living And The Dead

I read an interesting post by Shelley Wilson today, where Shelley explains why the author J. K. Rowling has been such a big influence and inspiration in her life.

An avid fan of the Harry Potter books, I could see why Shelley chose J.K Rowling, but it wasn’t only those books which influenced her. She goes on to say that J.K inspires her because of her attitude more than anything else. You can read Shelley’s post by clicking here.

This got me thinking as to who inspires and influences me. I’m not a fan of the Harry Potter books, although I have enjoyed some of the movies but, like Shelley, I think the way J.K Rowling made her way into the writing world, with all her determination, is something everyone admires.

I take a different route when it comes to who inspires and influences me and my writing and, in a comment to Shelley, for me it’s those little unknown writers who create the excellent and ‘not to miss’ Television dramas most of us enjoy watching.

One such series I’ve recently thoroughly enjoyed watching is ‘The Living And The Dead‘, which came to the end of its run on the BBC on 2nd August 2016. Now just about anything that has a supernatural theme will appeal to me, but what influenced and inspired me most about ‘The Living & The Dead’, was the writing. Yes, the stories, plots, and characters also influenced me, but I was blown away by the sheer magic of how the show had been written. I’m not going to spoil the plot for anyone who has yet to watch ‘The Living And The Dead’, but the end of the series is one of the most memorable pieces of writing I have ever witnessed. Let’s just say that I was gobsmacked!

‘The Living And The Dead’ was created and written by Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham. Say those names, along with J.K Rowling, to most people and I would bet that over 90% of  people would know the name J.K Rowling, but that hardly anybody would know who Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham are. I guess many screenwriters are much like indie authors in not being well known, but they will probably earn far more money.

Some of the actors even claimed that the house the show was filmed in was haunted. Click here for details.

Pharoah and Graham were also responsible for, amongst other things, the hit TV series ‘Life on Mars’ which first aired on the BBC back in 2006. They’ve been around a long time, created and written some wonderful shows, yet I’ve never seen them being interviewed.

That takes me on to my final point. In her post, Shelley says how she’d love to be able to interview J.K Rowling (and who wouldn’t?) but for me, it would have to be Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham. I’ve no doubt that many more people would read Shelley’s interview rather than my interview, but if Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham are reading this, can I please interview you both for my blog?

Who inspires and influences you and your writing? Have you watched ‘The Living And The Dead’? If so, did you enjoy it as much as I did? Who would be your dream person to interview?

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