Happy Birthday Bloggers Bash

The Bloggers Bash is celebrating its First Birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Bloggers Bash.

Happy Birthday Bloggers Bash

On the 1st August 2015, just over 20 Bloggers attended the very first Annual Bloggers Bash event in London. Here are just a few of those who attended.

The Bloggers Bash was the brainchild of Sacha Black. She invited Ali Isaac, Geoff Le Pard and myself to join a committee to organise the event. Part of the event included The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (also known as the ABBAs) where the blogging community was able to nominate and vote for their favourite Blogs and Bloggers in six award categories.

It was a nerve-racking day for many of those who attended, as this was the first time many would meet other bloggers, face to face, for the first time. Since then, many of these people have formed friendships which may never have formed had it not been for the Bloggers Bash.

The event was a resounding success and a Second Annual Bloggers Bash was organised by the committee and took place in London on 11th June 2016. This event had over 50 bloggers attending and a Third Annual Bloggers event is planned for 10th June 2017. I’ve also heard that a Bloggers Bash event is being organised for those in the United States Of America.

Happy Birthday, Bloggers Bash. A big thank you to everyone who has attended and to everyone that took part in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards by nominating and voting.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the Third Annual Bloggers Bash on Saturday 10th June 2017, in London.


I am still on a Blogging Break but had to celebrate, with a post, the First Birthday of the Bloggers Bash. I am still working on my book and hope to return to blogging soon. Thank you to everyone that has been in contact with me while I have been away from the blogging world.

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62 thoughts

  1. I meant to come to the June event, but wouldn’t you know it, I ended up being quadruple booked that weekend! The choices we have to make… Am putting 10th June in the diary now…
    Happy birthday, Bloggers Bash!


  2. Yay! Can’t believe it’s been a year already, Hugh – what a great day out it was 🙂 And you’re right, there were some lovely friendships formed at the first bash, with more at the second, also a fab day. Next year it’s at The Royal Albert Hall, right?


    1. There is one in the USA being organised, Terri. It’s being held in Chicago in early September 2017. I’ve asked Erika Kind to keep me informed, but once I’m back to blogging I hope to catch the posts about it.

      I doing fine, thank you. Just working hard on getting the book ready. Hope all is well with you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, thanks for the info, Hugh! I’m busy, helping my daughter move out of town, a little travel. I was able to self publish an e-book in July, and the process was interesting, if a little stressful. Keep plugging away on the book, the feeling of satisfaction is unmatched!


      2. That’s great news about the book, Terri. Please feel free to add a link to it in the comments section.

        I should be back to blogging full time in September and am bringing back my ‘book of the month’ feature. Maybe you’d like the book to be featured?

        Good luck with helping move your daughter move house.

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  3. And many, many more birthdays to come! You are pioneers! I am so happy that the inspiration flew over to the States too. So next year we might have two big Bashes to visit 😃


  4. Happy Birthday and Congrats to everyone who had made the Bash such a successful event. I’m working on making it to the next one. Would love to have one in the US but we’re such a geographically large country, it could prove expensive for people to attend!


    1. Thank you, Noelle. I read somewhere that people were voting for which city an American version of the Bloggers Bash could be held. I’m not sure if it’s all still on, but quite a few bloggers seemed very interested in the idea. I hope one can be held for you guys across the pond.


  5. Happy Birthday Bloggers Bash it was a great day, I am sorry I missed the first but the second was brilliant! May it grow and grow. Respect to the committee!! 😎😊😍😘😎xxx


  6. I had a great time at the second Bash and am looking forward to June 10th 2017 – date is in my diary. Hope all is goign well with the book, Hugh, and you’ll be back soon.


  7. And like Topsy ‘it growd’ from acorns and all that… I am getting the date tattooed on my foot for next year (that was a lie) but I am coming. I feel like I missed out on the best party of the year and *shaking head* it still makes my eyes smart lip quivver and my ankle sore (from kicking myself).
    Good luck with your book i for one miss your blogging wit.😇


    1. Thank you, Ellen.

      Just you make sure you do attend the 3rd Annual Bloggers Bash. In fact, I’ll save you a seat, so now you’ll have to come. 😀

      I should be back to full-time Blogging soon, once my book is finally ready. The break has been great, but I have missed everyone in the Blogging world. See you soon.

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  8. I think it was a great idea of Sacha’s and super that so many people took the time and effort to support it last year and this year. Some years ago, I was part of a different blogging community and they held a meet-up in NY which was really well attended.

    I think if I organised one in Gib, there would be three of us!


  9. Reblogged this on K Y R O S M A G I C A and commented:
    Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News has some news that he’s desperate to share with us, (even though he’s on a bloggers break.) The Bloggers Bash is one years old! If you’d like to join in with the next event keep your eyes out for posts like these…. This bash is growing, gaining momentum, be a part of it! Watch this baby grow. Happy Birthday Bloggers Bash!


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