15 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve always been a positive thinking person, so when Ritu, at But I Smile Anyway, recently tagged me in the “Happiness Challenge” it’s something in which I knew I had to participate despite my decision some time ago not to participate in tag challenges. It’s my blog, so I suppose I can break the rules from time to time.


What do I have to do in this challenge?

Name five things that make me happy.

  1. John and Toby. Does that count as two or one? Who cares? John, my civil partner, who I met 23 years ago, always makes me happy. Toby, our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, joined us in 2011. Both spread happiness every single day.
  2. Blogging. A close second (only kidding John and Toby), was something that catapulted me from the fear of having dyslexia so I could write this blog as well as short stories.
  3. Winter. Usually my happiest time of the year. Cold frosty mornings, watching the snow fall and cosy nights in watching a movie. Oh, did I mention Christmas? Better not being as it’s June.
  4. Short stories. Mentioned at number two, I am so happy when people say to me “I never saw that coming!” after they have read one of my short stories. Watch out for news over the coming months of a short story collection from me. Read my latest short story here.
  5. Home. We are so lucky to have a wonderful home. It’s full of happiness and laughter and is the place I love to be.

Five songs that make me happy.

  1. Music – John Miles


2. Lady Linda – The Beach Boys


3. Who’s Leaving Who? – Hazel Dean


4. One Day Like This – Elbow


5. Follow Me Follow You – Genesis

Five Bloggers that make me happy.

I’m doing this differently and would like to introduce you to five Blogs I have recently discovered. Make me happy, check these blogs out and follow them. Say hello to them and tell them that Hugh sent you.

  1. Willow at Willowdot21. Poetry and photography you should not miss.
  2. Adam at Adam Dixon Fiction. Short stories you’ll love reading.
  3. Jane at Jane Dougherty Writes. Short stories, poetry and writing challenges for everyone.
  4. Jean-Paul at My Husband & I. The everyday hilarious life of a gay couple as told by one of them.
  5. Ed at Ed Lehming Photography. Photography you’ll be very pleased I introduced you to.

I’m certainly happy I started following those five blogs.


What makes you happy? Do you have a song that makes you happy? Which blog never fails in making you feel happy?

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  1. I’m pleased you joined in this one, Hugh. It was great to learn a little more about you. I hope your current writing is making you happy. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Norah. Yes, it is. I’m steaming ahead with my first book and I’ve even managed to enter three short story writing competitions. I’ve been on a bit of a roll and am savoring every moment. 😀

  2. What a great challenge. Love the quote and also Follow You, Follow Me is one of my favourite songs. I’m very happy to have met you here Hugh… 🙂 xx

    1. I’ve just heard it being played on Radio 2, Sherri. Plus, the John Miles track, Music, has also been played on Radio 2 quite a lot since I published this post. I think that’s where I get all my musical tastes from.

  3. Nice list, Hugh! Winter is a surprise though. I love the fall because of the cool temps. I don’t mind the winter if I can stay in and stay warm. LOL! Your stories make me happy because they have surprise and unexpected endings! Best wishes! 😘

  4. What a wonderful post Hugh. So great to acknowledge and focus on what makes us happy. May happiness and joy grow for you every day. Cheers. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Miriam. In the world of today, I think we all need to focus on happiness more often. There is plenty of it out there and, hopefully, bringing it to the forefront will help spread it.

  5. Wonderful lists of Happiness Hugh
    And I have to say that there is something quite magical about a frosty
    Morning in the UK when mists lie low and leaves crunch underfoot as the
    Sun breaks through the clouds picking up the crystals of frost upon the
    Fallen leaves.. My Kind of Happy!
    Enjoy your day..

    1. Thank you, Sue. Glad you agree about Winter. Some people think I’m slightly crazy when I say that I enjoy the Winter months. If it’s too hot and sunny I can’t go out because, even with Factor 50 suncream applied, I still burn.
      Have a great week.

  6. Looks like the simple things make you happy, Hugh. Lovely to see John and Toby at the top. After so many years together, sounds like they still got your back and that is always something to appreciate. I suppose us blog readers and the blogging community a reason why blogging is also on your happiness list. It is amazing how bloggers can be just like friends in real life – one day I will come over to your blog Hugh, and another you will pop over to visit mine. The camaraderie 😀

    I have to disagree with winter, though. But that is down to my personal preference. Summer makes me happy, minus the mosquitoes and sunburn, of course 😀

    1. I’ve read a number of these happiness tag posts, and Blogging certainly does seem to feature a lot, Mabel. The community on here is brilliant. It’s like having very good friends whom we have never met. If you’d said that to me three years ago then I’d be wondering what on earth you were talking about. 😃

      I do enjoy some aspects of Summer as well. I know what you mean about Sunburn. I still burn even when wearing a Factor 50 suncream! Therefore, I tend to have to stay indoors when it’s hot and sunny.

  7. Brilliant post, Hugh! I love the things that make you happy, home and family being top of your lists. Hazel Dean is a blast from the past that I enjoyed again. The new blogs you are following are great too, I already follow some of them myself. 🙂

  8. It makes me happy to have met you at the Blogger’s Bash ☺ Thank you so much for the shout out! Looking forward to hearing more about your short story collection.

  9. My brother Stephen who has Autism. He is my best friend and partner. Summer. I Love Hot weather. Since I have arthritis I can’t take winter, cold, sleet, ice or freezing temps. My joints lock up and the pain is horrible.
    My cat Sylvester also makes me very happy!! He is one terrific Tuxedo!!
    As for music I Love R&B, Soul, World Music, Jazz, Funk & Classical!!

    1. Nice list. I’m not a lover of hot weather. I burn very easily and it really does make me grumpy, especially when mixed with humidity. We don’t have aircon in homes here in the UK, so I think that adds to the problem. It’s a good excuse to go shopping, though, as most stores have aircon.

  10. I’d never heard the Music song until you shared it wit me earlier in the year and it’s awesome. Being happy makes me happy – is that an oxymoron?

    1. I think John Miles’ song should be your theme tune. It so suits you.

      Being happy make you happy? Good, but that could concern some who read your comment. When I met you at the Bloggers Bash you seemed a very happy person to me.

        1. It’s just the way you’ve written it. Or maybe it’s my over active mind? To me, it reads like you are happy when you can make yourself happy, meaning that you are more often not. Others would probably read it completely differently. Anyway, this post is all about happiness, so have yourself a happy weekend and just ignore me. 😃

  11. Love the music. Elbow were my guilty pleasure at the Olympics. In an open plan office an iPod with music was a must and Starlings kept me going. Genesis. Well I’ve learned to love them as Linda’s favourite when we met…

    1. I don’t know why, but I always thought the Elbow song was sung by ColdPlay. It’s the one song that always takes me back to those glorious days of London 2012. Keep on playing Genesis, Geoff. It will score you points and you’ll make Linda, even more, happier than she already is.

  12. First of all Hugh you have lovely things to be happy about and that made me very happy!! Secondly thank you so much for the welcome I was surprised and happy for that! This video makes me happy when I am low, the words , Dolly Parton and the work young man man put into making the video and the lovely photos of his life at the end!

    Blogs well yours of course it always makes me happy and way too many others to mention lest I upset anyone! THANK YOU HUGH! I am so happy that I met you!

    1. I’ve never heard that Dolly Parton song before, Willow. What great uplifting words in the song and a great video for it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

      You’re very welcome. I only wish we could have chatted more at the Bloggers Bash, but being on Video duty meant I had to capture all you guys having a great time. Not that I didn’t, but hopefully next year the committee members will include a part of the day when they can mix with everyone else. In fact, I’ve already seen it mentioned on our agenda for next year’s Bash. 😃

      Have a wonderful weekend, Willow.

  13. This is an absolutely GREAT list! What a wonderful way to start my morning. I haven’t even had my first cuppa and I’m already smiling. I’ve found one other person who LOVES winter. People think I’m crazy because I am so very not fond of summer. My grumpy season too. And I’ve watch the video and listened to the song by Elbow hundreds of times. I make everyone listen to it. An ear worm if there ever was one. I also like short stories best of all. I’m glad there is someone out there writing them. Thank you for a smiley start to my day and have a wonderfilled weekend.

    1. I’m very happy to hear that this was the first blog of the day you read. I think that what we read or hear first when we wake up can usually then go on to set our day.

      People often think I’m crazy when I say I prefer Winter to Summer, but I have good reasons for doing so and, while they may not agree with me, it won’t change my perspective of the two seasons. I do enjoy Summer, but not when it gets both too hot and too humid. That is usually when you will find me at my most grumpiest.

      The Elbow song reminds me of early summer mornings that are fresh and cool and made of blue skies. For me, the whole day ahead is a lovely feeling at that time of the both the year and morning.

      Wishing you a very happy weekend.

  14. Did you say Christmas!? Eeeeek!

    My friend text me the other day and told me the exact days until Christmas and I was like, “Noooooooo!” Such a humbug I am. Although I was born in winter, I don’t share your enthusiasm for it. However, it is the prettiest season! ☃

    Have a great weekend surrounded by all those things that make you happy! 🙂

    1. I know. I’ve started something now by mentioning the word that nobody wants to mention until at least Bonfire night has ended.

      You too, Amanda. I’ve still yet to read your post about your London trip and the Bloggers Bash, but I’m looking forward to it. 😃

      1. There’s always that one Christmas-enthusiastic person, isn’t there? Snowing on our we’ve-got-plenty-of-time-before-Christmas parade! Gah!

        I was born in November, so bonfire night is more my cup of tea 🙂

        And no worries about getting over to my post. It’s like a small novel 😳 there was just so much to write about and in true Amanda style, I’ve over-baked it again! Oops! I did give you a mention though 😊

  15. Aw!!! My Huggable Hugh did the challenge! 😊😊😊 thank you!!!
    I love your reasons for being happy! !
    We both forgot a big one though… chocolate and MALTEASERS! !!!!
    (Oh and Psssst! Exactly 6 months to Christmas!!!!! 🎅)

    1. You’re welcome, Ritu. When I saw the subject, I knew I had to participate.
      Chocolate and Maltesers came in a very close sixth 😃…honest. Oh! that box of Maltesers, you so kindly gave me, has now been consumed…in one go!
      I was only counting down the days until Christmas, yesterday. Tomorrow, next Christmas will be nearer than last Christmas, but let’s keep that to ourselves. 🎅🏻

  16. Oh, such wonderful things to be happy about… but… wait… winter? You are one of the first persons (if not the first one ever) who call winter their favorite season…. very…. uhm… cool 😄

    1. I suppose being born in the Winter and loving the cold weather, rather than the hot weather, is why I love the Winter, Erika. I can always get warm, but I never seem to be able to cool down. Being too hot, especially when it is also humid, is the only time I can get grumpy.

      1. I can understand that well. It is beautiful to look outside on a clear winter night. All is so calm and the stars sparkle a lot more. Last winter I saw my first shooting star. It is also so beautiful to watch the snow fall and see how it covers the whole landscape with a white blanket…. winter has its romance for sure!

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