Meet (Some Of) The Bloggers (On Video) From The 2nd Annual Bloggers Bash

If you haven’t heard about The Annual Bloggers Bash yet, then where have you been?

Bloggers Bash 2016 Logo

I’d like to thank everyone who came along to the event and for making it the huge success it was. Last year, just over 20 of you attended. This year it was just over 50, and boy, what a great day it was. I only wish I could have magically got everyone there who wanted to come so they could have shared the magic of the day. New friendships were formed, lots of hugs were in evidence and everybody met up with online blogging friends they’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.

There have been lots of posts all over WordPress about the event and I’ve been busy reading, tweeting and sharing them across social media. Where possible, I’ve added all the posts to my Bloggers Bash Pinterest board.

When Sacha Black first came up with the idea of a Bloggers Bash and I was asked by her to become a Bloggers Bash committee member (along with Geoff Le Pard and Ali Isaac ) I was extremely proud that she had considered me. These three bloggers have become a big part of my life and, although it’s been hard work putting on the two events that have so far happened, I have loved every single second.

Geoff Le Pard, Sacha Black, and Ali Isaac.
From the top: Geoff Le Pard, Sacha Black, and Ali Isaac.

From what I have read, this year’s event was an even bigger success than the first Bloggers Bash held in 2015. That’s all down, not only to Sacha and the committee, but to all those that came along.

We are already planning The 3rd Annual Bloggers Bash which is being held on Saturday 10th June 2017, so put it in the diary now and make sure you come along. Of course, we’ll be letting you know details as soon as they become available.

If I had one regret about the day it was that I did not get around to filming everyone that attended. My fault really as I should have let everyone know when announcing the awards, so my sincere apologies to those I never got around to filming. Next year, I promise, we’ll have a better plan in place to capture you all. I put it down to being overwhelmed with all the hugs I was getting.

Now on to the video I’ve put together of those I did manage to capture. You’ll have to excuse the odd moment when I seemed to be aiming the camera at the floor rather than the blogger, but thank you to everyone for allowing me to film them.

That’s not quite it from me. There’s more film of the event which I’ll publish in another post at the weekend when I’ll also be mentioning some of the Bloggers that I did manage to have a chat with.

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